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Every brand has a story. With soulful content and creatives, we bring brands to life.

This is our long and strong suit. Our proficient and multi-talented creative team designs and builds beautiful masterpieces that take your breath away. We aim to materialize your inspiring brand story through meticulous research and positioning, We will work in tandem with you, providing ongoing support and guidance from the first pitch.

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Upon the start of a project, a quick interview is conducted with the client to gain better insights of their current branding position and what they are seeking for. This is followed by top-level market research and surveys, through which a creative deck is drafted for the client.



Most of the time, time and budget do not permit for comprehensive market research. However, in the few times they do, professional researchers are called into action. They meticulously conduct an in-depth analysis and provide valuable insights that aid in creative curation and set us in the right path.



We strive to achieve a profound understanding of the brand and its vision. This allows us to set the foundation and position the brand in tandem with its character, refining it along the way. Once finalised, we will aim to send a clear, strong and unified message across all platforms through creatives.


Design & guidelines

Keeping the foundational principles in mind, we begin generating creative designs and provide an exclusive comprehensive guideline for future branding collaterals.



With a strategic game plan in place, we then advance towards launching the creatives, both internally and externally. We continue to provide endless support throughout our partnership.

MIU's unlimited design package

In this day and age, businesses need visual creatives to articulate their stories and bring their brand to life. However, they are often torn between going for full-timers or freelancers.

What we offer:

business cards

package design & collateral

social media posts


online advertisements

marketing collaterals

powerpoint presentations

brand logo






- and amazing results!

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The layman maestro

We wholeheartedly believe in hard-work, collaboration, innovation, loyalty and fun.

Agile corporates

We devise solutions that support your business from now until 2020 and beyond.

Tech partners

We focus on building deep, long-lasting relationships with clients.

Digital pioneers

We will help your business benefit from all types of digital and emerging technology.

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We designed a suite of creative logos for the brands under Classique Elements, along with a new Website and B2B App.

Classique Elements


We spearheaded and rolled-out an all-encompassing, countrywide marketing campaign for PT Waves, a telco based in the island republic of Palau.

PT Waves


We created an entire online ecosphere for VitaKids, a leading provider of organic supplements. We co-built the KinderNurture brand and designed the product line, bringing VitaKids to eminence with a comprehensive content marketing package.



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