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Leveraging on the latest technology, we give you an unforgettable digital experience.

Change is the only constant in this digital age. Our qualified and on the ball digital experts provide and execute impactful solutions that allow your brand to leave a mark in the digital space. Experience seamless transitions and growth of your amazing brand online, and scale to newer heights like never before.

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Upon the start of a project, a quick interview is conducted with the client to gain better insights of their current digital position and what they are seeking for. This is followed by top-level market research and surveys, through which a digital strategy deck is drafted for the client.


Customer journey

With more in-depth research and a solid understanding of the brand and its audience, we begin devising the perfect customer journey. During this stage, we work closely with our UI/UX professionals and tech specialists to create the best strategy for your business.


Development & testing

Putting our plan into reality, we begin the development phase and conduct regular tests to ensure efficiency and stability of the systems that we’ve incorporated. We also optimize the website by implementing SEO that will bring traffic. While all this is on-going, our client will be kept in the loop and will receive regular reports from us.



With the client’s approval, everything goes live and we see almost immediate results. The impact of the digital strategy is profound on many levels, leaving our clients more than satisfied with our services.


Continuous support

Unlike many digital agencies out there, MIU provides continuous guidance and support throughout and well-beyond the contract. We believe in establishing strong and meaningful partnerships with our clients, which go a long way.


Digital marketing

We will help you generate new leads, keep your existing customers engaged, and increase your conversions through effective marketing campaigns.


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO services promise growth. Rank up higher in the search list, gain more traffic, leads and conversions!


Web development

Leveraging on technology is an exciting process that yields amazing results. Our professionals will work on the intricate details of the backend, while you have a seamless experience on the frontend.


Omni-digital & omni-channel

Creating an omnipresence will give you vast exposure. Just like dolby, we can help your audience to feel the presence of your brand all around them.



Bringing your business to the digital platform connects you to people all over the globe and increases credibility. This revolutionary platform is a sure way to bring up your profits!


Maintenance & support

From troubleshooting to enhancing legacy systems, our relentless support team will always be there for you, even if problems arrive uninvited.

MIU's epic SEO package

In today's highly competitive market, SEO has never been more important for businesses to stay in the game, let alone outperform their competitors. Gain high quality leads, ecommerce conversions, website traffic and boost brand image with our EPIC SEO package.

what we offer:

SEO research and reporting

Content calendar

Pillar content creation

Content promotion

Website optimization

Account management

- and amazing results!

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We wholeheartedly believe in hard-work, collaboration, innovation, loyalty and fun.

Agile corporates

We devise solutions that support your business from now until 2020 and beyond.

Tech partners

We focus on building deep, long-lasting relationships with clients.

Digital pioneers

We will help your business benefit from all types of digital and emerging technology.

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Digital Strategy
service connection case study

Service Connection is a multi-faceted recruitment company with over 24 years of experience, they are the ideal HR company to work with.

Service Connection

Digital Strategy

Matahari employment agency started as sole proprietor since august 2001 and grow to an established maid agency in 2012


Digital Strategy

Fishance is a company that produces the freshest fish that are cultivated with the utmost care.



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