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A brands purpose is pivotal. using a strong voice, we help express your purpose

Our creative team consists of individuals brimming with ingenuity and exceptional caliber. We focus on developing creative content that has clarity and strength in capturing your audience's attention and communicating your narratives.

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We begin with an in-depth analysis of the circumstances that our client’s brand is facing and define the problem clearly. We then brainstorm ideas and methods through which PR & Communication can address the crux of the issue and improve the situation as a whole.


Strategic plan

Once a proper understanding of the situation is established, a comprehensive strategic plan is put into place. This plan addresses the overall objective, as well as the strategic steps that are needed to be implemented to achieve the aforementioned objective.



This is where we execute our plan by pushing out perfectly crafted content to the public. We make use of communication tools that effectively convey the message we want to.



After we’ve implemented our plan and a certain buffer period has passed, we begin evaluating our actions and the effect that has taken place. We are relentless in ensuring that our implementations are successful and will not rest till the objective is met.


Continuous supports

Unlike many digital agencies out there, MIU provides continuous guidance and support throughout and well-beyond the contract. We believe in establishing strong and meaningful partnerships with our clients, which go a long way.


Content &
communication strategy

Having the proper content and communication management system is key before publishing online. We provide expertise in determining who the content is for and what it will serve to accomplish, be it visual or written.


Content creation

Our content specialists have the most creative minds in the region. We generate topic ideas and craft out innovative stories to truly express your brand’s purpose that captures attention and engages your audience.


Crisis & issue management

We identify potential issues that could arise and strategize on solutions that could be implemented. Should an issue rise to the level of a crisis, we immediately take well-calculated action to counter the reaction that has surfaced.


Event management

The perfect blend of project management with the organisation of small and large scale events. We offer meticulous planning and managing services for a successful conference, convention, wedding ceremony, party, and many more!


Media relations

We maintain a close relationship with powerful people in the media. Need to push out a message to the public? We can help with that!


Message & positioning

How do you craft a message that perfectly represents what your brand stands for and the position you want to be in with your audience? We help to show your audience why they should choose you and only you!

MIU's reputation management package

Our package includes initial consultation and evaluation of 
credibility with one of our Reputation Consultants. 
We have weekly and monthly easy-to-understand reviews and suggestions, so 
you can see how your reputation is improving. 
Each service is tailored  to your individual or business needs.

what we offer:

SEO research and reporting

Content calendar

Pillar content creation

Content promotion

Website optimization

Account management

- and amazing results!

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Digital pioneers

We will help your business benefit from all types of digital and emerging technology.

Tech partners

We focus on building deep, long-lasting relationships with clients.

Agile corporates

We devise solutions that support your business from now until 2020 and beyond.

The layman maestro

We wholeheartedly believe in hard-work, collaboration, innovation, loyalty and fun.

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