Brand Story: The What and The Why

Brand Story: The What and The Why

Building a business means you have to make sure that your business has a brand that is easily recognised by people. An easy-to-recognise brand not only relies on the name, logo, or tagline but the story as well. A brand story is not something that is just created by yourself as the business owner.

Rather, a brand story is a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and the feelings evoked by your brand.  A brand story should inspire emotional reactions, unlike the traditional business advertisements that only shows and tells. Product, price, history, quality, marketing, in-store experience, purpose, and values are all points that can influence and drive the brand story. A brand story grabs people’s attention, elicits emotions and engages with the audience.

Apple is one of many companies that can deliver a successful brand story. Most people around the world know their products, have high enthusiasm when for their launches, and willingly recommend them to other people who are not yet familiar with Apple. These show just how Apple became such a huge brand with a successful brand story.

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There are 5 keys to building a successful brand story:

  1. It is meaningful. A good brand story has to be interesting and relevant to the people we are trying to reach.

  3. It is personal. If there is no place for the audience in our brand story, there is no reason for them to pay attention to it. A brand needs to spare places for the audience to become part of the brand story. Always remember, the brand owner is not the only author of the brand story.

  5. It is emotional. A strong brand story is all about stimulating people’s emotions and sympathy. By gaining the audience’s sympathy, you are creating the doorway for them to feel attached to your brand.

  7. It is simple. Less is more. It is better for the story to tell itself and maximize emotional attachment while still being simple.

  9. It is authentic. Be open, honest and transparent, and let the brand personality shine through. This can make people recognize your story much more easily.

A successful brand story is more than content and narrative. It is beyond what is written on the brand website or on the advertisements shown on public media. A brand story is a complete experience made up of facts, feelings and interpretations.

A brand without a story is just like any other commodity with the possibility to be replaced. Without a story, the customers cannot define your product and distinguish it from your competitors. Building a brand story is not just simply about making your brand stand out and getting noticed. It is about making a brand that people care about and want to buy from. 

Susan Gunelius in her article in Forbes define brand story with this statement:

“Brand stories are not marketing materials. They are not ads, and they are not sales pitches. Brand stories should be told with the brand personality and writer’s personality at centre stage. Boring stories won’t attract and retain readers, but stories brimming with personality can.”


At the end of the day, every business needs a brand story to stand out and market themselves successfully. In the current state of consumerism, your brand is most likely one of millions out there. What can you do to make sure you are remembered?

Customers will feel more attached to a brand with a story behind it, but we cannot create and shape it ourselves as the brand owner. A successful brand story will build the foundation of trust with the customers, shaping a seamless story that will keep them loyal for a long time. With MIU, we will help you spark the tiniest details and nurture it into a wonderful story for your brand.