Build Your Digital Presence for Free using Instagram Marketing

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Enroute Digital Dominance!


Instagram, a visually driven platform, according to Statista, marketers reached 1,850  target audiences in 2022.

Instagram ranks as the 2nd most utilised social network, with 79% of marketers using it to build an online presence and conduct social media marketing.

Let us see how small businesses can promote their web presence using an Instagram account.

a social media infographic guide for Instagram marketing campaign



1. Digital Engagement: A Bird’s Eye View


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Instagram boasts 2 billion monthly active users and is the second most engaged network, followed by Facebook. More than 60% of users log in daily, making it the 8th most visited website. While 90% of Instagram users follow a business account on Instagram,  83% of the audience uses Instagram to discover new products and services.

 The engagement rate of customers with brands on Instagram photos before making a purchase is approximately 58 times higher than that of Facebook and 120 times the rate of engagement on X. Over a third of Instagram users make online purchases using their mobile devices.



2. Instagram is the New Portfolio


a hand breaking the pink papper while holding a cell phone showing Instagram feed UI

The platform’s emphasis on captivating imagery ensures businesses can leave an indelible impression and captivate their audience with unparalleled visual experiences.

Instagram empowers brands to unleash their creative excellence and craft visually stunning narratives that resonate deeply with their target market.

A study suggests that image posts shared on the Facebook feed through Instagram receive higher engagement than those posted directly on Facebook.



3. Serve Eye Candy like Sephora

SEPHORA logo png

Sephora, a leading Beauty and Wellness brand, has captivated a massive audience of 21.4 million followers on Instagram. Sephora’s dedication to prioritising customers is reflected in their swift responses, resulting in an impressive average of 4.8K likes and an engagement rate of 0.02%.

Their social media account is a treasure trove of unbiased content, featuring educational step-by-step guides and makeup tutorials that empower confidence in beauty enthusiasts.

With every social media post, Sephora celebrates individuality, fosters a united community, and allows customers to make informed purchase decisions.”

 Additionally, the Sephora collection collaborates with a diverse range of makeup moguls, who share reels filled with joy, inspiration and expertise. By partnering with Instagram creators to promote their new fragrance ads, they gained a significant increase in ad recall by 17- points and a 1.3-point  lift in purchase intent.



4. Online Presence Management


Instagram encourages authenticity and storytelling. Crack the layer of complication by adapting to algorithmic changes with a well-articulated posting schedule.

Showcase your brand story and core values, giving a gist of what the audience can expect from your profile and engaging the audience in a productive way.



5. Make Your Brand ‘IG Famous’


With over 1.6 billion global active users, you can benefit from a higher discoverability and reach rate among your target audience.

This allows brand owners to advertise their products and services without the effort of hard selling. As per a survey by Hubspot, 45% of users unfollowed a brand due to self-promotional content.



6. Your Ticket to SEO Stardom


Did you know that 70% of hashtags on Instagram are branded?

By utilising hashtags effectively, you can consolidate all your content in one place, boosting engagement by 12.6% and improving content discoverability and search engine rankings.



7. Ads that Blend and Stand Out


Business owners can seamlessly blend ads with organic content by setting up a professional account. These ads appear on users’ homes or explore pages while maintaining transparency with labels such as ‘sponsored’ or ‘paid partnership’.

This approach increases the credibility and trust of viewers. Numerous ad formats cater to different marketing objectives.

Business owners can monitor performance using analytics to track metrics such as reach, impressions, engagement, click-through rates and conversions. Doing so allows individuals to run optimised campaigns for better results.



8. Your Personalised Catalogue


Instagram allows users to save posts to view later. This feature is similar to the boards on Pinterest, providing a convenient way for users to organise and revisit content that they find interesting.

It is particularly beneficial for businesses as it enables users to save the desired products or services, creating a personalised catalogue of items they want to explore or purchase.



9. Amplify Brand Reach with Partnerships


One of the few things that comes to mind upon hearing the Instagram is ‘influencers’. More than 70% of marketers work closely with creators on Instagram. Many features embedded in the app make the platform a centralised ‘hub for influencer marketing’.

Connecting businesses with micro-influencers creates opportunities for endorsements by public figures.



10. Storytelling to Selfies


Hold discussions about the talk of the town frequently instead of just posting direct branding or product promotional posts. Instagram provides various interactive features like comments, direct messages, and customer testimonials to facilitate direct engagement with your audience.

Generate excitement with shoutouts and gifts because who doesn’t enjoy prizes? This will create a buzz around your product/brand. Ensuring two-way communication helps to build a lasting relationship and gather valuable feedback.



11. Retail Therapy Made Easy


Instagram’s integration with Facebook allows businesses to sell products directly on the platform. Entice your customers with irresistible promotion updates and in-app exclusive deals.

With features like the shop tab and product tags, you can make the most of Instagram shops to simplify purchasing and provide a seamless shopping experience.



12. Zero Fees, Maximum Reach


Instagram is a great marketing tool because of its straightforward account creation process. Fun fact, currently, there are over 200,000 million business profiles on Instagram. And over 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account. Reaching over 2 billion monthly active users for free is possible!



13. Revealing Tips to Drive Organic Traffic


One of the strategic ways to drive traffic to your company’s website organically is including CTA’s such as ‘swipe up’ and ‘learn more’ in a prominent location below the post to help redirect users to view the full description.

Business owners can also embed links in their Instagram stories and organise them in the profile highlights. Customised action buttons like ‘Book now’ and ‘Shop now’ are valuable to increase conversion rates.



14. Becoming a Viral Sensation


Consistently posting on Instagram for a month can result in an impressive gain of up to 2,800 new creator followers.

Adapt to algorithmic changes on this visually-driven platform. It is a powerful tool to boost your social media presence.



Profile Features That Make You Stand Out!



  • Create content

Create, edit, post images, reels, or IGTV from scratch using in-app tools.

  •  Live Broadcast

Broadcast and have one-to-one interactions with audiences and surprise them occasionally with behind-the-scenes moments.

  • Instagram Shop

Showcase and sell products directly.

  • Instagram Professional Account

Take advantage of additional features such as Call to Action, place redirection links and set up automated messaging after switching to a Professional Account.

  • Instagram User Insights

Utilise valuable data from Instagram’s professional account insights to make strategic decisions effectively at no cost.

  • Instagram Sponsored Ads

Expand your brand’s reach by leveraging the paid advertising options for Business Accounts.



Content is King


Leveraging the power of Instagram goes beyond marketing; it allows businesses to tap into a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures growth, creativity, and long-term success.

In this digital epoch, where attention spans are short and competition is fierce, Instagram offers an opportunity to cut through the cacophony and leave a lasting impression.

It’s a platform where creativity knows no bounds, and brands have a chance to shine, no matter how big or small.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a passionate artist, or a forward-thinking marketer, fortify your Instagram with the best strategies!



7 Ways to Diversify Your Social Media Content

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Diversifying Social Media Content for Success


an infographic about 7 Ways to Diversify Your Social Media Content, with the dont put all eggs in one basket symbol, and social media logos in there


Skyrocket your online brand visibility with these tips on diversifying your social media content. This blog unveils the power of strategic content diversification that can propel your brand’s reach to new heights.



1. Social Media Marketing is the best form of Content Marketing! 


hands holding a phone with social media icons around it including youtube logo, snapchat logo, facebook logo, instagram logo,twitter logo, like icon, and love icon


The social media user count will increase to 6 billion by 2027. According to a report by Statistica, the average person spends 151 minutes per day on social media as of July 2023.

In today’s digital landscape, audiences are inundated with myriad information. When it comes to social media platforms, bombarding your audience with endless pages of detailed product descriptions is the last thing they want!



2. The Real Question: What format to follow


a person holding a phone opening social media platform and there are user icon, message icon, comment icon, like icon, and check out icon above the phone  


According to Forbes Advisor, the average user’s digital footprint is spread across 6-7 platforms, increasing the adoption of a multi-platform app.

So, to truly mesmerise your target audience, it is essential to adapt content styles based on the trends of social media platforms.



3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!


eggs in a carton with broken egg


Use a content diversification strategy. It involves publishing micro-content in different formats accompanied by a clear call to action. By doing so, you can entice them to read the complete content on your website.  

This approach allows you to seamlessly maintain consistency, generate traffic and leap into the pool of customer data. You can proceed by leveraging optimised content in underperforming channels and strengthening your audience based on outcomes.



4. Identifying Channel Trends


Before altering your content, a clear understanding of social channel trends is required. To embark on your image post-creation journey, start by meticulously assessing social media platforms that offer optimal visibility based on your target audience, emerging trends, and user statistics.



5. Content Style


Now imagine you own an egg production company and are looking to stay relevant to your target audience through social media content marketing

Here is how you can create catchy content by using the right keywords related to your business.


world record egg most liked egg in the world

As per a recent survey, Instagram is the No.1 platform for brand discovery. You can grow your community with expressive storytelling incorporated into short-form reels, image posts, 24-hour stories and live streaming. 


  • Facebook: Feeling eggcited —— at the barn 

Facebook is a prime example of a top-rated platform that excels at catering to an audience seeking entertainment and information through captivating visual content. The market leader has over 2.9 billion users, as per Statista. 


  • Quora: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Or rather, which one had the guts to start this whole poultry paradox?

By crafting interactive Q&A style pieces, you can create content that resonates with Quora’s community. However, the catch here is that direct promotional posts go against guidelines. So keep in mind to use a conversational tone.


  • LinkedIn: How plant-based eggs will revolutionise the sustainable food industry in 2023 

Linkedin is a niche platform for professional articles. Publish long-form articles with valuable infographics, industry analysis, or expert advice and gain 2X conversion rates.


  • YouTube: How to make art and crafts using eggshells in 5 minutes? Watch now

By creating tutorials and how-to videos, advertisers can reach 2.527 billion users, as per insights from datareportal. Create videos that demonstrate the usage of your products or offer guidance in relevant areas.


  • TikTok: Hey folks, here’s how you make healthy dishes with just egg yolks #trendingtiktok #trendingrecipe 

Participate in popular TikTok challenges to showcase your brand’s creativity. Nearly 92% take action after watching TikTok videos.

Create duets or react to user-generated content related to your brand.


  • Spotify: Currently listening to “How’d ya like your eggs in the Morning” by Dean Martin 

Spotify audio ads drove +14% attention compared to the average platform time. You can create podcast ads, Sponsored Playlists, and sponsored branded moments.  

  • X: Retweet @X to bring back the default profile picture #bringbacktheEgg

bring the egg back twitter

Update threads and share concise texts that spark conversation. Remember, discussions, not controversies! Go ahead and be generous in adding GIFs and memes.



6. The best ads are ads that don’t even seem like ads!


Yes, you heard it right! The most effective ads seamlessly blend with content, building brand awareness, value, engagement, and loyalty. Brands like Apple and Nike achieve this by creating content centred on their brand values. 

Nike celebrates athletes, and Apple revolves around user experience. As Steve Jobs said, “Marketing is about Values.”

The secret lies in connecting content with your brand’s core values.



7. Add humour with relatability


The key is to balance delivering information and keeping your audience entertained across multiple social media platforms.

Remember, content does not have to be mere information; it is best effective when entertaining, uplifting, or simply sharing moments of joy. 

By diversifying your content and infusing it with authenticity, relatability, and humour, you are all set with a winning formula to conquer the digital world. 



Embrace Diversification to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Key Takeaways 

  1. Always stay active and never stand still on social media channels.
  2. Experiment with new platforms to avoid reliance on a particular channel 
  3. Ensure to prepare and schedule updates for special holidays ahead of time
  4. Customise post format as per channel dynamics
  5. Post polls or insightful quotes regularly
  6. Use insights and stats to assess the engagement rate
  7. Balance is Key: Keep the content knowledgeable and entertaining
  8. Respond with comments, reposts, reactions and DMs 
  9. Link the content to your brand values
  10. Add playful visuals with a touch of humour


Why Are We Lacking Fresh Ideas For Creative Projects?

Why Are We Lacking Fresh Ideas For Creative Projects ideas icon illustration with white background and green plant in the lamp

For those who create content with zeal,

A round of applause to seal the deal.

Innovation isn’t a cakewalk,

Elusive inspiration, it may stalk,

Remember, creativity dwells within,

In every soul, a spark waiting to begin.


The creative process is a grueling journey and demands time, effort, and a constant flow of ideas. Just like crafting this poem above! So creative slumps are a natural part of that process.

In short, let’s address this question: why are we lacking fresh ideas for creative projects?

Creative Burnout?
Lack of new perspective?
Nothing exciting out of the box?

Why are we lacking fresh ideas? How do we resolve it?

The above poem was a humble attempt at something outside our general writing style!

Is it unconventional? Yes.
Is it out of our comfort zone? Yes
Is it risky? Yes.

So let’s discuss how we can help counter your creativity block because we tried to do the same too!


#1: Find Inspiration

why are lacking of fresh idea? find inspiration


Meet people and have conversations. This can aid in discovering an alternative point of view.

Listen proactively. Ask questions. You don’t need to speak only to creative people to ignite your creativity!

Explore online forums, social media platforms, and chat groups to experience diverse opinions and perspectives.


Look for Novel Experiences

Stay curious and allow yourself to find inspiration everywhere.

Experience new things by stepping out of your comfort zone. The activities can mean getting bored and not doing anything at all! Which may be something other than your subject area of interest!

Engage in physical sports, listen to unfamiliar music, or visit an unusual place. Observe and listen to your environment, and be present.

You don’t need to force yourself and keep looking for ideas. Just have an open mind, and inspiration will find you.


Enjoy Boredom

To support our claim above, studies prove that a highly structured environment dampens spontaneity and curiosity in children, which impedes idea generation. Boredom helps children develop soft skills like adaptability, flexibility, and resourcefulness, thus increasing creativity!

This may sound counterintuitive, but as adults, it’s best to take a break from creating and generating ideas sometimes. Keeping still and staying quiet forces you to tune in to your imagination and helps unlock your creative flow.

Boredom realigns the creative system and allows your brain to combat the lack of stimulation. Without a structure, your brain begins creating plans, organizing activities, and solving problems. These skills are crucial for developing creativity and executing creative projects.

Go for a walk, or just stare at the fly on the wall; inspiration will enlighten you!


#2: Idea Generation

idea icon ilustration photography with black outer line and yellow background

Journal Your Thoughts

Gather your ideas, no matter how far-fetched or irrelevant they seem. Document them in a written, audio, or video format so you can retrieve them.


Embrace Imperfection

Perfectionism hampers the creative process, so allow yourself to ideate without the fear of messing up!  Adopt a non-judgemental stance towards your thoughts, and explore concepts without being prejudiced towards the outcome.



Let your mind wander freely to restore your creative flow. Explore an idea, reflect, and resist the urge to have an end goal.

Mind mapping is an excellent tool for idea generation because it records your train of thought and helps you collect and connect disparate concepts.


Consume more content

Consume more content to gain new knowledge and revisit familiar concepts.

Read a book, watch a fun show, or listen to your favorite songs and podcasts. Along the way, you’ll find novel patterns between seemingly unrelated things.

Don’t worry if the knowledge you learn seems trivial or unimportant. All these pieces of information help the creative mind generate fresh ideas.


#3: Experimenting with Concepts

illustration photography of men while experimenting idea generation or brainstorming

Create content

Before starting your new project, dump your thoughts on a paper notepad on your trustworthy devices. Make unapologetically lousy content to get it out of your system before gathering input.

Sometimes, you must cleanse your creative mind of mental clutter and start afresh to get back into the groove.


Side Projects

Creatives work on several different projects simultaneously, so avoid allowing yourself to be stuck on one project!

Moving on to another project gives you downtime and expands your idle energy productively. It may be surprising, but while completing other tasks, you may create a mind-blowing concept for another ongoing project.

Working on multiple projects or concepts helps maximize your inspiration, ideas, and experiment!


Alternate Mediums

Creative people don’t restrict themselves to a single medium of expression. If you’re a visual artist, try writing about your images. Try acting out or drawing your written work if your dominant medium is writing.

Interchange your mode of expression to experience your creative process in a different light.

In fact, with the dawn of  AI tools, you might develop unconventional opinions, ideas, and approaches at work. Artificial Intelligence is becoming an accessible reality of the present. As the name suggests, it is a medium to elevate your creative processes in diverse ways.



Finally, share your stories, failures, opinions, hacks, tips, and progress with others. Learning is a two-way street; you may garner more ideas from peoples’ reactions to your work.


Why Do We Need Fresh Ideas?

The answer is simple. Creativity must be nurtured, and we must work on our right brain rather than pressuring our logical left brain. This opens space for fresh ideas and viral concepts!

Did these tips inspire you to keep creating and exploring?

Take a breather and look around you for innovation. Let your imagination and innate instincts guide you. Remember, gather your ideas to refer to them later and shout “Eureka!” when they come in use.

Most importantly, express, process, enjoy the journey, and good luck!


Content Writing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Content Writing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Content writing mistakes you need to avoid. A good writer will shell out quality content businesses and they have the ultimate skill to build your brand by creating an intended impression on your target audience. However, what if you are starting with content writing or want to hone your skills? We can help you there.

Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid Today And Forever!

Often, we mistake content writing for being everyone’s job, and any written piece can be content and that’s a horrible misconception that can land one in trouble. So let’s not let that happen, and to ensure you don’t here, are some pointers compiled, particularly on content writing mistakes that you can avoid.


Inadequate understanding of your audience

Let’s be honest. It’s impossible to know everything under the sun and moon, but for a good blog post, you have to know almost everything. A good piece of content will start with the writer having a concrete, if not a thorough, understanding of the audience. You must understand your audience well enough. To begin with, you must have a clear idea about your business, its goals, the industry to which it belongs, targeted audience, potential risks and strengths. Research well regarding how you want your brand image to be like, build your confidence and start creating content. This way, you can avoid errors of judgement, leading to more nods of approval amongst your readers.


Vague Intention of Your Writing

Every occasion has a dress code; likewise, each content has one or more objective(s). Clarifying your  content’s purpose will trim down unnecessary details, presenting the reader with the content of high value for your targeted audience. Not only will this pivotal step avoid losing the reader’s interest, but they will also feel satisfied having spent their time reading your content. And that also is a perfect response to the purpose of the query. Benchmark the intention of your writing with a value, that is, does the content solve a problem, inform or educate your audience?


Too Much Jargon

copywriting tips, too much jargon ilustrated with newspaper background

Avoid using ‘flowery’ words or too much jargon, which might oversalt your content. Of course, you don’t want your potential readers to sit with a dictionary! Therefore, using simpler terms and language; it will allow the readers to grasp the information much faster. Also, they won’t have to put in much effort to comprehend the content. Be mindful that the tone of the content should exude a semi-formal vibe and yet, be error-free. Ensure that you don’t overdo the casual vibe! [Insert image of someone reading with a puzzled look]


Presentation Perfected

Presenting your content in structured and cohesive bullet points is preferable. Ideally, this is more inviting for readers, because headings and subheadings visually seem more organized. Each topic has to be in individual paragraphs. Besides this, be mindful to start with a catchy introduction and conclusion can be interrogative, simultaneously summarizing the value of the content.


SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Ever wondered why certain content always gets the most audience? Notably, it is because the right keywords, including relevant Meta descriptions, which subsequently let search engines find them more easily. Such content work gets more audience coverage, and this is one aspect you wouldn’t want to overlook. So, when you start writing, keep this in mind or allow a sticky note to remind you about it!


Omitting a Call To Action

Now that you have written your content according to the above points, the next step is to include a call to action. Because now that your reader has read your content & received the intended value, the next obvious step would be to engage them—especially readers who are reading your content for information regarding a particular product or service. A CTA would egg the reader to purchase the product or service. However, ensure that the CTA doesn’t sound like a sales pitch; otherwise, it would be a put-off factor for your readers.


Don’t Forget To Promote

megaphome advertising promotion red background

Now that you have completed your content and made it SEO-friendly, it’s time to put it across all social media platforms and your mailing list as well. You may find this unnecessary, but it is from where your content piece would grab eyeballs, especially from your existing mailing list. It can even go viral if your content strikes a chord with your readers; otherwise, it would be like throwing a message bottle into the sea, hoping that someone would read it. Why wait for the Sindabad when you can land them on your targets?


Remember to Proof-read

Since you spend a reasonable amount of time creating good content, you may overlook some inevitable mistakes. Therefore, it is advisable to get someone to review your content. Proofreading is mandatory before your content is published.  So make sure you are publishing proofread content; that’s being more professional for your business.[Insert image of one person seated and another hunched over and both reading/looking at desktop/laptop]

Rome wasn’t built in a day; therefore, no one becomes a content writer in a short period. Constant practice will sharpen your skills. The content writing mistakes aren’t just for SEO content but for social media platforms as well. So how about using the above pointers to avoid pitfalls that could ruin a brilliant content piece?

10 Content Writing Examples to Help You Reach Your Audience

10 Content Writing Examples to Help You Reach Your Audience

How do you write content?
What are examples of content marketing?
What does a content writer do?

If you ask yourself all of that, you wish to learn more about content writing and content marketing.

Online content nowadays is not just in written form. Video content is a big field right now. Video has started selling more in some cases since it is entertaining, interactive, and is easy to digest. Image-based content is quite popular as well.

However, none of these developments has come even close to surpassing the written word. Content writing, therefore, is only one cog in the whole machinery of content marketing. It remains the foundation of any brand’s marketing strategy.

Of content writing, there are many varieties—these range from social posts to standard blogs and everything else in between.

In this article, we are going to look at ten examples of content writing. We hope these will inspire you in your journey to make suitable content for your organization.

10 examples of content writing

Blog posts

Have you ever wondered why companies and social influencers alike have their blog?

This is because blogs offer a wide range of benefits, especially for a business. Blogs help you rank high on Google’s search engine with SEO, even rank on its first page!

Brainstorming topics

But what if you are starting and do not know what to write about? The first place to get help from is your team. Brainstorm topics for content. You’ll be surprised how many relevant blog topics you will come across!

Another way to find ideas is to find out what your competitors, people in your industry, and social influencers are blogging about. If these topics are in your industry and are relevant to your company, it can be a good idea to use their ideas.

What to do after setting up your blog?

Regardless of how you get the idea, the important thing is to keep going once the blog is set up. And that means posting new blogs regularly. Also, give quality content. Just don’t do a rehash of things that are already out there on the internet. Your audience has probably seen them. Instead, take inspiration from other sources but give your spin. Please talk about your experiences, or that of your company or brand, its products and services.

Social media posts

If you want to hone your skills in content writing, there’s nothing better than creating social media posts. These posts are not just short but also attractive and are quick to read. Thus, you learn copywriting too. Copywriting is a valuable skill that teaches you how to grab attention and make someone buy something.

Writing social media posts enables you to try various writing styles to find out which one suits you. You’ll learn how to do A/B Testing for social media ads, creating two versions of the same post to see which one gets a better reaction.

Website content

You can create all manners of content and give advertisements all over the internet. Still, if your website does not convey information completely or adequately, then your promotional efforts may result in nothing.

That’s why you should have relevant and adequate content on your website. In addition, these must be easy to find. One essential content page you must create is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.) This is the first point of contact between you and your customers. There should be an About Us page, Our Services page, Contact Us page, and so on.

Newsletters and emails

What sets emails and newsletters apart from other forms of content writing is that these are for customers who have already opted to receive them. Since they have already subscribed to your newsletters/emails, such customers have varying degrees of brand loyalty. When creating newsletter content, the goal is to keep them engaged and interested in your brand, products, services, and recent developments. Offering unique content will certainly keep them engaged.


Like it or not, infographics are here to stay.

It is not just informative. Even a para of text can be instructive. But an infographic conveys a lot of information at a glance. These combine written and visual senses and therefore score over written content.

Infographics are great for showing statistics, lots of information at a glance, or even information about your company’s products, services and brands.
These don’t have to be complicated. Comparison sheets and charts are good examples of simple infographics.

Infographics are ideal for informing your customers while promoting your products and services.


If your customers desire in-depth knowledge of what you are offering, an e-book can be the perfect publication choice. E-books are exception tools for educating or informing your customers about your products. But these can be promotional materials as well! You can use e-books to convert readers into loyal, paying customers! Writing these may be a bit technical since you want to give readers comprehensive knowledge, but you still need to keep industrial jargon to a minimum, if you can. If that’s not possible, make sure you explain the terms.

White papers

People who write white papers are typically subject matter experts. In other words, they are authorities in their field. White papers tend to be longer than e-books and give more in-depth information and research on a subject.
Writing and publishing these will establish your company as an industry expert, which boosts your value in your customer’s eyes. White papers can work in conjunction with your blog topics. A white paper can be a follow-up piece on a topic you have already written an article about.

User Guides and How-To Manuals

If you already have loyal customers or have people who are very close to making a purchase decision, you need a different type of content material.
Enter user guides and how-to manuals. These inform the reader how to use a product. These are technical material and are not promotional. However, their utilitarian value is exceptional.

Case studies

Over the years, you surely have had many happy customers. You can use their experiences and testimonials to create promotional material. You can do this by making a case study.

A case study can be short or in-depth material, but it is the former in most cases. It showcases the problem faced, followed by the solution provided, and the results enjoyed afterwards. Case studies are invaluable for showing your services, products, sales history, and much more.

Video content

Video content is gaining ground.
But how to best use it? Start by penning down conversation points or writing the script before shooting. This ensures you stay on topic.

To sum up

In this article, you have read about 10 examples of content writing. Depending on your company’s needs, you can use these individually or in tandem.

7 Content Writing Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

7 Content Writing Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

A huge part of any digital marketing strategy is to first create content for it. However, to create good content that will do well, especially in the online sphere, isn’t easy. There’s already a sea of content out there — so how do you make yours stand out?

To start off with, there are in fact plenty of things you can do to boost your content. In all content marketing strategy, these are necessary steps to take if you want your content to perform well. There is no doubt that your competitors are already engaging these in their strategy — so make sure you don’t fall behind!

1. Do keyword research

Content Writing Tips for your Marketing Strategy image 1.jpg

Keyword research is an important step in creating all content. In fact, it’s the first step you should take. Before you even begin writing a single word, start checking what are the hot and trending topics on Google.

By doing a quick search, you will be able to know what are the most relevant keywords you should adopt in your content. Not only that, but you will be able to tell what keywords perform the best on different search engines — which is the key to getting your content out there.

However, keep in mind not to overuse your keywords as this will actually affect your page ranking. Google’s algorithm is smart enough to recognise that a webpage with too many of the same words may mean a potential spam website — and therefore it would not place it at the top rankings or recommend it to its visitors.

Similarly, visitors to your webpage would not like the excessive and unnatural use of too many a specific keyword and will bounce quickly. Over time, this will translate and search engines will mark down your domain.

2. Incorporate a powerful CTA

Content Writing Tips for your Marketing Strategy image 2.jpg

When creating your content, keep in mind the call-to-action (CTA) you want your readers to take at the end of it. Think about how you can get your readers to take that action. Want your readers to purchase something? Sign up for your newsletter? Or just to share your content on their social media? Either way, give them a reason to take these actions.

Perhaps you could offer something of value to them. Give them a 20% discount off your product with a unique link, if your goal is to get them to buy your product. Offer information and resources to get them to subscribe to your newsletter. Or even provide a free e-book for sharing around your content and getting others to click on it!

A CTA is one of the most vital aspects of any content marketing strategy. It is how you link content writing to marketing goals, ROIs, and KPIs.

3. Engage your readers with your choice of words

Content Writing Tips for your Marketing Strategy image 3.jpg

One great way to make your content interesting and engaging is to use the active voice instead of the passive voice. Generally, the subject is the one performing the action when you use the active voice. In the passive voice, the subject becomes the one the action is being performed on.

For instance, compare “The brave knight rescued the princess from the dragon.” with “The princess was rescued from the dragon by the brave knight.” The first sentence sounds a lot more exciting as it emphasises the action that is happening.

Similarly, you can also make your content sound more interesting with your choice of diction. Instead of “sales increased”, you can use “sales rocketed”. See the difference? By adopting more interesting verbs, you can highlight important actions while still making it engaging for the reader.

4. Keep sentences short and paragraphs brief

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Keep in mind that attention spans online are a lot shorter. Not only that, but minimising your paragraphs helps you to optimise your content for mobile. With more readers consuming content from their mobile devices these days, it is ever so important to take this aspect into consideration as well.

Your sentences and paragraphs need to be optimised for both mobile devices and the short attention spans that people have online. So, keep their attention locked onto you by making bite-sized content and paragraphs!

5. Always hyperlink

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Hyperlinks sound counterintuitive since you’re potentially sending your visitors to another website, but they can actually help you get backlinks! More often than not, the sites that you reference will reciprocate with a nod to you via a mention or a link. Win-win!

If you’re still concerned about sending your web traffic to another site, you can always set your page up to open links in a new tab or a new window. This will effectively keep your traffic on your page while still allowing you to practise good internet etiquette by hyperlinking your sources.

Linking to other pages also helps to boost SEO on your site and increase page view over time. It also makes your content more credible and gives your readers useful information.

6. Provide added value

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One of the best ways to keep your readers coming back is to leave them with a parting gift. It can be a free digital guidebook, a link to a webinar, or some collated statistics in a Google sheet. Either way, it doesn’t have to cost a thing.

Not only will your readers appreciate this, but they might recommend it to their contacts too! This word-of-mouth marketing will lead to higher search engine rankings as well as some repeat traffic. Now you’ll be sure your content marketing will see a huge leap in improvement!

7. Keep your old posts updated

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The last step of any content marketing strategy is to keep your content updated. As time passes and events unfold, content — no matter what it’s about — ages. Information goes out of date as the market changes.

A good strategy is to keep your content constantly updated and relevant. By doing so, your content will gain value over time. This means that even an old post could very well keep traffic coming in, as pages continue to link to your content and social media accounts continue sharing it.

Speaking of, it is a good idea to also update your old content with new and fresh links. For example, if your post is talking about a good digital marketing strategy for 2020, you can update it for 2021 — and improve on it by giving recent statistics! This not only boosts your search results but keeps your content useful and relevant to any visitors passing by.

Remember, a great marketing strategy will know how to maximise the most value out of its content possible. Be it using relevant keywords, links, or CTA, all these tiny steps go a long way in boosting your content. So start optimising your content by implementing these tips into your marketing strategy today!