Top 10 Creative Advertising Companies in Singapore

Top 10 Creative Advertising Companies in Singapore

With hundreds of creative marketing agencies out there, it’s not about finding one, but finding the right one. Marketing is so vital for businesses because it is ultimately what drives sales. Guess what — companies that blog get 55% more traffic and 57% of businesses get more customers through their company blog.

Still not convinced? Here’s some more numbers to munch on. 49% of users find a new product through Google, which is probably why 64% of marketers invest time and effort into developing their search engine optimisation (SEO) plan.

With the increasing digital consumption, it is more important than ever to work out a good digital marketing plan for success. To do that, you need a powerful creative agency behind you to generate leads and sales for your business. So what’s considered a great marketing agency? We present to you our list of the top 10 creative marketing agencies in Singapore.

1. Dentsu Aegis Network

We are Dentsu Aegis Network
Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network is a global marketing agency that understands how the digital economy has changed the way consumers shop. With constant innovation, Dentsu has worked with big brands including Disney Studios and Coca Cola, amongst others. Using the advancements in technology to their advantage, Dentsu has become a prime example of what a good creative marketing agency should strive to be.

2. Publicis Group

Publicis Singapore - IAB Southeast Asia & India
Publicis Groupe Singapore

Named after the French word for ‘advertising’, Publicis Group has since extended its reach to Asia where its influence can be felt in Singapore. With more than 330 offices in over 110 countries, Publicis definitely deserves its title of the world’s third largest communication group. Well-known agency Saatchi & Saatchi is in fact also part of the Publicis Group!

3. ActMedia Singapore

ActMedia Singapore Pte Ltd | LinkedIn
ActMedia Singapore

ActMedia Singapore won the Asia-Pacific Digital Marketing Awards 2018 for its work with Clinique SG. They are known for their online-to-offline (O2O) strategy, which was created to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour and retail marketing. With such a revolutionary branding and marketing strategy, ActMedia has solidified their positioning in the industry.

4. Clickr Media

Clickr Media Singapore
Clickr Media

Boasting a client retention rate of 80% and a client satisfaction rate of 96%, Clickr no doubt deserves the success it’s built over the past decade. From a mere startup to working with over 300 clients, which include over 2000 campaigns launched around the world, Clickr stresses the importance of intimately understanding their clients’ businesses and goals before discussing the right strategy to take on.

5. Visibiliti

Visibiliti Pte Ltd - Singapore
Visibiliti Pte Ltd

Sometimes the way an agency markets itself speaks about their business just as much as their portfolio does. With a distinct brand logo that captures the eyes of potential consumers, Visibiliti does just as its name suggests. By helping their clients to gain visibility, Visbiliti has gained a reputation for its marketing strategy that is equal parts creative and equal parts effective.

6. Havas Media

Havas - AM Marketing, Media, Advertising News in MENA
Havas Media

Their works can perhaps be glimpsed in various corners of the internet — and that is what speaks to their success as a creative marketing agency. Seen the KIA ad for their new car model? Or the Puma Holograms advert? Those are the works of Havas Media. Holding a firm belief in creating meaningful connections, Havas Media seeks to improve themselves with every project that they embark on.

7. Amber Creative

Digital Marketing Agency | Web & App Design Singapore
Amber Creative

Largely specialising in web development and design, Amber Creative has helped many companies with their services, targeting a young and savvy demographic with their contemporary and aesthetic design. Although having been around for only a few years, they boast an incredible portfolio and has had their clients praise their work.

8. J. Walter Thompson Singapore

Singapore Media Awards

With 150 years of brand building and marketing history under their belt, J Walter Thompson is not an agency to be overlooked. They aim to create magic everyday through the collision of technology and ideas, which is perhaps what makes them stand out so much amongst numerous other agencies fighting to have their voice heard.

9. Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing New Logo
Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing has been known to be the best of their line with their track record of bringing clients to the top of the results in the search engine. Getting an increase in traffic volume and lead generation is bound to be a guarantee when working with them. Did you know they also offer courses that can be absorbed by SkillsFuture credits?


 MIU Singapore

Despite being fairly new to the industry, MIU boasts a history of successful campaigns with their clients, who have all seen immense results in their traffic growth, SEO and outreach. With many packages to choose from, including our epic SEO package and unlimited packaging design, MIU offers a plethora of benefits that you would not be able to find in another agency. Thorough and meticulous, we believe in giving our clients the best — whatever that may entail. From digital strategy, to branding, to PR and communications, MIU has got your back. Ready to start your marketing journey? Click here for a free consultation and let our work convince you.