How Packaging Tells a Story For Your Brand

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The importance of packaging

If you’re running a business, you can no doubt agree that packaging is a crucial element as it is the first impression your customers will have for your product. From the graphics to the colours used, each detail on your packaging will convey a specific message to potential customers. So: what story do you want your product to tell?

As a consumer yourself, I’m sure you can understand how effective good packaging design can be in attracting potential customers to buying your product. Just like how you feel drawn to a product with a beautiful design, your customers will too. “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” they say, but that’s not how it really works, does it?

Dying for the things we love | New Internationalist
Everything is vying for our attention. (Source: New Internationalist)

Advertisements and products on every shelf continuously bombard us. It may be hard to stand out amongst the numerous other products vying for attention. But with unique and strategic packaging, your product can still catch the eye of potential customers and speak for itself. As the packaging is the first thing your customers will come into contact with, it is crucial to capitalise on that opportunity to use a great design as a form of advertisement. Let’s demonstrate how influential an outstanding packaging can be for a product.

Packaging done right

Bee Cheng Hiang christmas paper bag
Orient Design’s idea for Bee Cheng Hiang’s carrier packaging. (Source: Orient Design)

Bee Cheng Hiang’s Christmas bag design was such an iconic one as it brought not only visuals but also incorporated the sound aspect to the bags. The Christmas bells were added to the bags as a pop up that moved when customers were carrying it around. Not only that, but the faint sound of tinkling bells could be heard. Indeed, this packaging by Orient Design didn’t just spark joy in customers but acted as a subtle yet smart way to advertise the product sold.

Even if you offer a service, you can still engage in packaging by sending corporate gifts. (Source: Paper Carpenter)

OCBC’s Christmas gift box is another example of how good packaging can be a fun way to advertise your brand. Although OCBC does not offer a product, but rather a service, they were smart enough to use corporate gifts as a way to promote their brand — and were even aware of how a good packaging can make a strong statement to their customers! This cardboard gift box may have been out of the ordinary, particularly with the material used, but that’s what made it stand out from the rest. Paper Carpenter knew how using cardboard would make their designs distinct, and capitalised on that to think of packaging designs that are out-of-the-box (pun intended).

Dester’s crisp and refreshing packaging – perfect for their brand. (Source: Creativeans)

Local beer brand Dester approached well-known design company Creativeans to come up with a clean and contemporary design to attract the young and affluent crowd. The juxtaposition of Dester’s classic blue and the material colour brings about just the right amount of visual contrast to leaving a striking impression. Indeed, the sleek design is bound to capture the attention of its intended audience, which allows Dester to stand out from its other competitors in the market.

Design is such an essential element in marketing that businesses cannot overlook it. Hence, it is necessary to find the right design company that understands your needs and can create beautiful packaging that suits not only your product but emphasises on your business’s voice as well.

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