2 Iconic Features of The Popular Wes Anderson Style

Wes anderson color palette, font, and style

Wes Anderson is an auteur of films like Bottle Rocket (1996), Darjeeling Limited (2007), Fantastic Mr Fox (2009), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), and French Dispatch (2021). His films are popular and admired for their distinctive look, atmosphere, and sound.


The Wes Anderson style found fame on the Internet, too. One of the earliest examples of the trend on TikTok is a video by Ava William, which compiles dreamlike, sunset-orange filtered footage of her train ride. It has been liked more than 2.3 million times at the time of writing. Even Singapore’s Minister for Health, Ong Ye Kung, has filmed a Wes Anderson-style Tiktok video titled Mornings At Ministry of Health. These videos replicate Wes Anderson’s vivid and pleasing candy-coloured palettes, symmetrical frames and precise object placement.


This blog explores two iconic characteristics of Wes Anderson’s films and explains why his style and branding are so iconic and well-loved.

1. Wes Anderson Font


One hallmark of Wes Anderson’s films is his font choices. They are so popular that designers have compiled lists of fonts that look similar to the ones used by Wes Anderson! Good fonts are fundamental to effective and memorable design because they help subtly convey messages and themes. Wes Anderson’s retro font choices showcase his quirky and whimsical style. They also hint at the genre and mood of the film narrative.


Here are a few examples. Consider the flowing, cursive font used in Moonrise Kingdom, specially designed by Jessica Hische for the film. Vintage 60’s American typefaces inspired this font style. It elicits feelings of elegance and nostalgia.


Wes anderson film cover design


wes anderson font style


Font styles evoke different emotions and meanings. For instance, the serif font used in Moonrise Kingdom has extra details at the end of each letter – the curlicues and ‘tails’ – often used by vintage or luxury brands. A soft, vintage-looking font is thematically appropriate for Moonrise Kingdom, which is a classy and nostalgic story about the tenderness of growing up. This font was later commercially released with the name Tilda.


Another example is the font used in Wes Anderson’s latest film about UFOs in a deserted 1955 American town, Asteroid City, starring Bill Murray and released by Focus Features.


wes anderson font name


The chunky, retro font fits the film’s science-fiction comedy genre. It is a straightforward sans-serif typography design without curlicues and represents a laid-back, friendly appearance.


Moving on, The Grand Budapest Hotel boasts an ornate, gold-trim font emphasising the hotel’s fairy-tale dollhouse quality. The designer, Annie Atkins, took heavy inspiration from 1930s Eastern European typefaces on metal signs.


wes anderson design guide


Wes Anderson favours nostalgic fonts, which have become synonymous with his style. He is also consistent with his fonts in films – did you know that The Royal Tenenbaums depicted all text and printed material in Futura? It included books, signs, posters, the film’s credits, and the title, among other instances. Anderson is particularly fond of Futura and used it in nearly all his movies!


However, he also varies his fonts to hint at the mood and genre of the film. It’s an example of excellent branding! Great branding uses varying stylistic choices to subtly capture different themes and messages while retaining a consistent and recognisable look.



2. Wes Anderson Color Palette


Wes Anderson’s palette sets his films apart from others. His set design, colour grading, and detailed props make his films a visual treat. Anderson’s films frequently feature frames or scenes staged like cinematic tableaus. Campy colours and whimsical motifs inspired an Anderson Aesthetic Collection by MuralsWallpaper.


Wes Anderson’s use of colour is recognisable because he subverts traditional colour theory. His penchant for depicting sad events in bright, pastel-coloured hues is an example. His characters go through distressing or dark experiences while living in a world that resembles a children’s picture book. It lends a quirky and discordant, off-kilter personality to the film.


Consider the example of Wes Anderson’s 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel’s exterior introductory shot. It is a quaint pink hotel nestled amid dark and gloomy mountains. The unexpected colour scheme makes the hotel facade look striking and provides the perfect backdrop for the aesthetically pleasing mystery plot that ensues.


The Grand Budapest Hotel was widely applauded for its creative and visually arresting costume design. The instantly recognisable jewel-purple lobby boy uniform is regarded as one of the most iconic costumes in Wes Anderson’s oeuvre.


Wes Anderson scene lobby boy with purple outfit


Pastel colours are a staple of the Wes Anderson palette. They have become a defining hallmark of the Wes Anderson brand – consider the pastel pink exterior of the hotel, the candy-coloured icing of the Courtesan au Chocolat pastry in The Grand Budapest Hotel, or the baby blue uniform of Owen Wilson’s character in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004), a film about an oceanographer.


Wes Anderson courtesan au chocolat


Wes Anderson pink grand budhapest hotel


Wes Anderson cast and characters


Wes Anderson’s vibrant colour palette uses a rhythmic narrative tone to complement film beats and convey mood. His colour choices have even inspired a blog entirely dedicated to posting about colour palettes in his movies!


The following stills in The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), a film about a dysfunctional family, showcase Wes Anderson’s attention to visual consistency in colour and design.


Wes anderson sofa scene


This frame has a consistent colour palette of rustic, warm, red-brown hues. The gold and yellow of the suit and sofa balance out the red walls. The couch, bookcase and lamp placement are nearly symmetrical. The two characters – Richie and Margot Tenenbaum – are seated at the centre of the frame, creating a visually pleasing and satisfying shot. 


Red and yellow are important shades in this film and say something about each character. Elsewhere in the movie, these shades repeat themselves in character costumes. Margot dons an iconic yellow and gold-hued fur coat, and Chas wears an iconic red tracksuit. While red is vibrant and energetic, Wes Anderson uses it to express anger and pain in his films. It is an example of how brands use specific colours to represent motifs in their brand story!


Wes Anderson shave the beard scene


Similarly, this frame uses symmetry and colour consistency. The white walls and clothing complement the pool’s pale, cool blue tones and glass panes. Two shorter children of similar height flank the taller father to create a symmetrical shot. Wes Anderson’s exact framing makes his films pleasant to watch and appreciate. 



What can Brands Learn from Wes Anderson?

Wes Anderson’s use of colour, font, and other design elements has enabled him to create a ‘Wes Anderson Style’ that has become his brand. You can learn how to boost your brand by taking a few tips from his films.

1. Consistency Is Key

Define a design or visual element for your brand and stick to it. These graphic elements should embody your brand’s traits. Over time, people will subconsciously associate your brand with specific designs and styles. Consistency with your colours, font choices and narratives helps you build a recognisable brand.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out

Wes Anderson’s films differ from the typical Hollywood blockbuster movies that dominate the box office. Despite this, he has a devoted audience who appreciate his style.


Instead of trying to brand yourself as the next big thing on the market, your business could establish a niche. You may not have instant mass appeal, but you will build a loyal audience base over time. These are the consumers who love your brand for all its eccentricities and quirks.




As we have seen, font, design, and colour palette are integral to Wes Anderson’s style and brand. Consider focusing on these aspects of your branding and create a recognisable brand image that helps you stand out!



How to Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Spring cleaning is a necessary job in any household, but it’s also a necessary job for your digital marketing strategy. Your digital marketing strategy should be checked, measured, and revitalized a few times per year, and the end of the first quarter is the perfect time to take the first steps.

Logo And Design

The first thing to look at is the design aspects of your digital presence. You should check that your logo and designs work across all platforms. Make sure that it’s still relevant and that your customers and potential customers have a positive reaction to your design. You may need to update your logo to give it a fresh look or change any design elements that are outdated and no longer relevant. 

In some cases, you may need to completely redesign your logo. You should also make sure that any changes are also updated on any physical promotional materials as well. Try a free logo app like Logo Creator to come up with some concepts for your business.


Your digital marketing strategy should have set out goals for your business. You need to look at whether these goals have been achieved. Use your key metrics to analyze what strategies worked well, and which didn’t. You should also assess your previous goals to make sure that they were achievable in the first place.

Set New Goals

When you set your new marketing goals, make sure that they are realistic, specific and achievable. You may also want to consider breaking wide goals down into smaller, more specific steps. Lastly, you should also set a realistic timeline for when you expect these goals to be met. You should have a master calendar for your digital marketing strategy, but you may want to have specific calendars for your social media campaigns, blog posts and email campaigns as well. Doing this means you can make sure that all posts and materials are going out on time.

Social Media Accounts

Social media is constantly evolving and changing with new sites and trends emerging all the time. It’s important that you keep your social media presence updated, relevant, on-trend, and consistent with your brand. This may mean updating profiles, creating new accounts, looking at which posts had the most reach and engagement, and updating your response policies. There are plenty of ways you can boost your social media shares to gain more exposure — check our article here for more details. If customers are reaching out to your business on social media, you need to make sure that responses are timely and appropriate.


Search engine optimization should be seen as a vital task. It’s incredibly important to keep up to date with SEO practices. These practices can evolve as the way people use search engines change. Check your page speeds, meta descriptions, content, images, readability and headers. Optimize every page. We’ve curated a list of SEO tools here that are not only free but perfect for beginners.


Re-examine your keywords. Remove any keywords that are no longer relevant, or have a low or no impression. Create a new list of targeted keywords. This will help you create a much more efficient strategy.


Look at your existing content and see which has the most engagement. Revamp lower performing content with fresh links and keywords. Make sure that the information in older posts is still relevant, or update it to include more recent data. 

You can also plan out new content. Make a calendar of when each content should be posted. When you’re planning topics or posts, make sure that it is specific and readable. Large topics should be broken into a series of posts.


You should also check how your advertisements are performing. Look at your paid search ads. Examine which keywords are being used and if these need to be extended upon. You should also check the ad copy. Make sure that the copy is free of errors and that it is still relevant. For the best results, read up on our ultimate guide to advertising.

How to Up Your Graphic Design Game in 3 Easy Steps

How to Up Your Graphic Design Game in 3 Easy Steps

Graphics are one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention. Used in essentially all forms of marketing, it has been proven time and again to be a surefire way to boost your business.

Perhaps you clicked on this article curious about improving your graphic design skills. Well, we completely understand. To help you, we’ve compiled some steps you could take on your journey to become a better graphic designer.


Branding Services Singapore | Graphic Designer in Singapore

Plenty of schools in Singapore offer design courses that you could take to help you hone your design skills. There are various courses that focus on different areas of design, depending on what you’re looking for. Here are some of the best design courses in Singapore we recommend:

With plenty of design-related courses at their arsenal, including branding and animation, First Media Design School might be the institution you want to look at if you’re considering getting a diploma in media and graphic design. This course lasts a duration of 18 months (1½ years), so it may be more suited for students pursuing design as a serious career.

Maybe a full-time course might not be what you’re searching for. Or you might already have a diploma and am still looking for minor ways to refine your designing skills. At $540 a unit, Laselle offers more than 30 different design courses across a range of design disciplines. If you have a strong interest in graphic design, you may want to consider Laselle.

Feeling the hefty price tag on the previous two courses? There’s another alternative. Nanyang Polytechnic is providing a simple yet all-rounded design course under SkillsFuture. If you have some leftover SkillsFuture credits, now is the time to use it! At only $300, this is the perfect course for casual students dipping their toes into the world of design.


The 21 Best Graphic Design Companies in Singapore [2020]

In order to apply the skills you’ve picked up, it’s important to be able to look at the works of others and distinguish the good and the bad. With a vast amount of design companies in Singapore, there are definitely plenty of examples for one to study.

From web design to desktop computing and, of course, graphics design and branding, Hipster offers cost-effective digital solutions for your marketing needs. Their speciality lies in their augmented and virtual reality services. Just by entering their website do you see their portfolio of clean and aesthetic designs on display. Look through their case studies and you can see why Hipster is such a successful graphic design company.

Positioning themselves as a one-stop solution for creative advertising, branding and packaging label designs, Artnexus certainly strives to cover all aspects of graphic design — and come out on top as well. Under the creative umbrella, the company covers publication design, digital display advertisement, not to mention graphic designing. Take a look at their website to understand why their designs are so popular amongst marketers.

Having established themselves in the industry, Graphic Masters’s clientele consists of government agencies, public organisations and private corporations around the globe. These include the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, SAF Yacht Club, and many others. Their services range from publications, advertising and promotions, corporate branding, infographics, and even corporate gifts — to list a few! With a strong understanding of the current graphic design trends, Graphic Masters’s professionalism shines through.


13 Graphic Design Trends To Expect In 2020 - Webgyaani

Besides upgrading your design skills and studying the portfolio of other designers, it is also important to be aware of the latest design trends. Some of the design trends that surfaced in 2020 and are likely to continue in 2021 include but are not limited to the following:

  • Muted Colour Palettes

Perhaps one reason why muted colours have been so in trend lately is because of their ability to evoke comfort and warm feelings. They also often feel natural and organic, which may why plenty of health and wellness companies are implementing the use of muted colour palettes in their design and marketing efforts.

  • Flat Icons and Illustrations

Flat icons have become somewhat of a popular trend, particularly when used as a social media graphic. With a simple icon, brands can communicate more by using less. Indeed, they are a powerful tool for communication. This trend is taking over companies by storm, including BMW, Volkswagen, and even Google, all of whom have adopted a flatter, more minimalistic logo for their brand.

  • Social Media Slide Decks

Slide decks are a great way to break up chunks of information. If you want to convey a lengthy message to your audience but are unsure how to keep their attention focused on you, try having various image slides rather than one single image. This habit has been employed by many brands on virtually almost all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Furthermore, the algorithm actually seems to favour posts with multiple slides rather than those with a single image!

how to upgrade your graphc design game next slide2.jpg

If you find these tips helpful, or have a friend in mind who is looking to hone their design skills, why not share this article with them?

As a creative agency, MIU strives to constantly improve itself. Providing digital solutions such as package design, logo identity and brand styling, the list of design services MIU offers runs on. Interested to find out more? Book a free consultation with us today!

E-Commerce Packaging: the Ins and Outs

E-Commerce Packaging: the Ins and Outs

When it comes to packaging design for online products, there are many factors that come into consideration. Beyond just making your product attractive, issues regarding eCommerce packaging have also been raised.

Ecommerce, or electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of products on an online store. The question comes in when considering how to design a product to stand out of the proverbial crowd, especially in an online setting.

With a huge majority of consumers turning towards online shopping in 2020, there is no doubt that the shopping experience has changed drastically. This change in consumer experience signifies huge implications for shopping design. As a result, it is important for marketers to learn how to better advertise their products on the virtual shelf.

This not only applies to products but services as well. Online retailing has taken the world by storm especially with the onset of Covid-19. Even as the situation stabilises, it is clear eCommerce platforms are not going away anytime soon, if at all.

e commerce packaging blog image 3.jpg

We’ve talked about how important packaging is for a brand and the best steps to design an impactful packaging to grab your consumers’ attention in a brick-and-mortar store. But consider this: how does designing a product differ when it comes to doing it for an eCommerce store as compared to physical stores?

Well, since you are designing products to showcase on a digital platform, there are factors present that would not otherwise be considered for a physical setting. Research has shown that the online customer experience is more than just conveying product information — it must also mimic the sensory experiences that products evoke in the offline world. It is important to keep this in mind when creating your packaging so as to successfully draw in consumers in your e-commerce journey.

Factors to consider in an online packaging design

1. The product packaging must be photogenic

It goes without saying that you would be taking a photo of your product or service in order to promote it in online stores. If you want to appeal to your consumers with your product, you need to make sure it stands out, is attractive, and captures well on photos.

What usually works for the screen are often graphics that pop. In fact, graphics appeal to both the older and younger demographic. Older consumers with vision problems appreciate the clear visuals, and younger consumers think graphics look cool. Use it to further enhance your product design and draw in a larger online crowd. With emotional appeal in mind — think about what makes a product design feel personal and welcoming on the screen.

2. It must have an idiosyncratic point

eCommerce Packaging Design Festina Watches in Bags of Water

It’s easy to go with the flow and design a packaging that has worked for millions of other products. But consumers online are no longer interested in the same thing. They want to see something different — unusual, even — that firmly grabs their attention and holds it. What has worked for brands in the virtual sphere are their unique shelf designs. So, embrace your weirdness and get creative!

Take a look at the packaging for the Festina Divers Watch. By encasing their watches in a bag of water, they are conveying the message that their watches are completely and utterly waterproof. This is a great example of an extremely memorable and innovative packaging. Consumers are sure to remember it for some time to come.

3. It must go well with the eCommerce site

You may not realise this, but it is not enough to just have a strategic packaging for your product. Consider how it looks when placed on the eCommerce website. Does it blend well with the web design, or does it clash? No matter how amazing your packaging is, that can come to nought if it does not go together with your website design — which will turn consumers away.

Minimalism and white space are all the trend right now. Consumers prefer a clean, simple look rather than a cluttered design with unnecessarily complicated fonts. They want to be able to tell at one glance the brand, the logo, and the product offered, rather than having to scan through plenty of labels just to find out the information.

The rise of eCommerce

e commerce packaging blog image.jpg

As more online businesses spring up, the consumer shopping experience shifts bit by bit. This presents businesses with plenty of opportunities to get creative and adapt to the new situation. Instead of continuing what has always worked, it should be time to rethink and develop new ideas to grow alongside such changes.

Design evaluation is but an example. The shift online allows businesses to experiment with the virtual space, and how it interacts amongst different cultural, social and retail contexts. Perhaps with this shift, it is time to set new KPIs for design — one that succeeds by being quirky and idiosyncratic.

MIU offers an unlimited design package. You can contact us today for more details by clicking here.

The Comprehensive Guide to Brochures in Singapore

Email Marketing — the What and the Why

Brochures in the age of digital marketing

One may wonder if brochures still have a place in digital marketing. Don’t worry – this is absolutely a normal concern to have. While brochures may not be a business’s first option when it comes to marketing, they offer their benefits that other marketing methods do not provide. Let us explain to you why brochures won’t be going away, not even in 2020.

The Comprehensive Guide to Brochures in Singapore 1.jpg

  • Brochures are cost-effective

Are you looking to make more bang for your buck while still managing to promote your brand? Brochures are just the thing you need. Not only that, but they are easy to distribute. You can hand them out at company events, exhibitions, and workshops. Alternatively, brochures can also strategically placed in various locations, including your promotional mail. Meaning, they will most likely help you reach a wider audience.

  • They are permanent and tangible.

While online ads are brief and only lasts as long as the consumer is on the webpage, brochures are permanent ads for your company. Many might prefer browsing through a tangible brochure and keep them for future reference rather than scouring the internet for information about your company that may or may not be there. Since they are always visible, having a robust graphic design for your brochure would grab attention quickly.

  • Brochures personalise your business.

They act as an easy way to connect with your audience. When you hand a detailed brochure over to your consumer, they will appreciate the effort taken to design it as they flip through each page. Not to mention, it is a great way to network — be it with your consumers or your competitors. Additionally, a brochure can go towards building brand awareness and credibility. Done right, and they can even contribute to your brand identity.

  • Multiple distribution channels

Are you worried about the relevance of brochures in the age of digital marketing? Well, guess what — technology has made it possible for digital brochures to be a thing. So if digital marketing is more your style, you can opt for e-brochures instead. Having both physical and digital brochures can expand your visibility, is a great way to introduce your company, and makes for positive press. Indeed, brochures are here to stay in the age of digital marketing.

Top 5 brochure design agencies in Singapore

Creative Design Agency Singapore | Jehm Studio

1. Jehm Studio

Priding themselves on their artistry, Jehm Studio specialises in a wide range of designs, from brochures to posters to banners. With a heavy focus in a user experience strategy, this design studio creates stunning graphic designs that are unparalleled thus far.

Singapore Design Agency | Advertising Agency

2. Diseno Advertising

Diseno Advertising is one of the well-known design firms in Singapore, but did you know they offer brochure design services as well? Great at visual story-telling, Diseno is one of the best choices to turn to for your design projects. They even provide printing services as well — talk about a one-stop solution for all your brochure needs!

Working at Breworks Design & Communications | Glassdoor.sg

3. Breworks Design & Communication

From each photo and each word selected to include in the brochure, Breworks takes it seriously. They understand just how important each element plays a part in delivering your key message to your target audience — and know how to bring it out by assembling the best designs and layouts. With 17 years of experience, BDC certainly knows the ins-and-outs of the marketing industry.

Secret Hideout | LinkedIn

4. Secret Hideout

Secret Hideout offers modern and versatile designs to capture your audience’s attention amongst the ever-changing trends. If you find yourself in urgent need of a brochure for your company, Secret Hideout can get the job done in just a few weeks. They take pride in being such a reliable agency, enough to deliver the brochures right to your doorstep.

MIU - A Creative Agency for All Things Digital | express purpose …


Innovative and futuristic, MIU has always had a flair for designing. Beyond the unlimited design package which we have talked about frequently, their design team comprises people from various backgrounds, contributing to the unique flavour they have. As a creative agency based in Singapore, MIU offers high-quality solutions for your business brochures.

How to decide if a brochure design agency is professional

With plenty of choices out there, how can you tell which agency has the right skills to deliver? One of the few ways is to see just how they design their brochures — do they include the necessary information? These are some aspects that should be present in a brochure.

A Guide to Creating Crystal Clear Window and Door Company Logos • Online Logo Maker's Blog
The logo MUST be visible on the brochure cover. (Source: Online Logo Maker)
  • Company logo

This might go without saying, but the brand logo always has to be prominent on the first page of your brochure. Not only does it help with brand awareness, the clarity of whose brochure it goes a long way in making your brochure more appealing. No one wants to pick up and read a brochure if they have no idea who it is about.

  • Headline and subheadings

Along with the company logo, the headline should be right beside it on the cover page. This makes it clear to the reader what the brochure is about, and is a good drawing point for your target audience. From there on, keep in mind to have subheadings within the brochure as well, so that everything is organised and easy on eyes.

Graphic Design Portfolio | Graphic designer portfolio, Portfolio design, Book design
Help readers break down your brochure into chunks by having a content page for easy reference. (Source: Creative Market)
  • Content page

To help your audience understand what the brochure has to offer, a content page must be present inside it. Otherwise, you might lose your audience’s interest just as quickly as you grabbed it. When they know the contents of the brochure and how informative it is, they are more likely to read it as well as keep it with them.

  • Illustrations

This goes without saying. Nobody wants to receive a 10-page brochure that is filled with just text. Moreover, the human brain processes visuals faster than text, where up to 90% of the information it absorbs comes from visual outlets. Illustrations and graphic designs are a great way to attract consumers, so keep it as a vital aspect of your brochure!

Dental Brochure Design | | Brochure design, Brochure, Dental
Remember to include a CTA by leaving some form of contact information! (Source: Branding LA)
  • Contact information

It is important to remember to include your company’s information or any way that interested consumers can reach your business. Without this section, the whole purpose of the brochure is lost! I would recommend having at least two different points of contact in the brochure itself — be it your company website, Facebook, or social media channels.

And there you have it! Our comprehensive guide to everything brochure-related for your marketing needs. Now you’re ready to venture off on this new marketing journey. Need a brand consultant for your brochure marketing strategy? Find your solution at MIU today.

10 Ways Events Can Benefit Your Company

10 Ways Events Can Benefit Your Company

What event marketing is all about

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you might be tired of continuously hearing us stress how relevant digital marketing is for your company. But allow me to let you in on a secret — it is just as important for a company to hold business events too. Ever heard of event marketing?

As the world turns increasingly digital and internet penetration is soaring at an alarming rate, it may be easy to overlook event marketing. In-person events, however, are still greatly beneficial for companies for a huge multitude of reasons. While digital marketing may be at the forefront of all marketing strategies, it is not the end-all-be-all.

Based on the Event Marketing 2020: Benchmarks and Trends Report, 85% of business owners identify events as critical for their company’s success — double the number from last year! Millennials tend to prefer experiences over products, which is why event marketing has become as vital as email marketing. Certainly, there is a lot of potential to be tapped into here.

In general, events can be broken down into two categories — corporate and field — although there can be overlaps. Corporate events include company dinners, conferences, product launches, as well as ceremonies and galas. On the other hand, field events range from roadshows to expos to workshops. Since corporate events tend to attract industry professionals more while field events are helpful for locking in potential consumers, decide your target audience before planning your event.

10 reasons why you should hold events for your business in the age of digital marketing

image blog 10 event marketing.jpg

We can’t deny that online presence for a company is indispensable. However, in-person events hold just as much weight when it comes to generating leads and turnovers. If you’re still not entirely convinced on how events can be beneficial for your business, read on for our comprehensive list of reasons on why you should hold events even in this age of digital marketing.

1. Events are effective communication tools

The key thing that events allow you to do is to communicate. Be it on an internal or external level, face-to-face connections hold a great amount of value for all businesses alike. Whether you are launching internal information campaigns, advertising to potential customers and other companies in the sector, or strengthening ties amongst employees, these all go towards building interpersonal relationships between your brand and the rest of the world.

2. Access your core audience

Events are the most direct way to gain access to your main audience. It’s not enough to just get your message across — you need to get input from the other party as well. With physical events, you can take the time to get to know your consumers and understand their needs and desires. Bouncing feedback back and forth makes for an excellent dynamic to have and you will be able to learn far more than you otherwise would.

3. Networking

Networking is a large reason of why people attend events. (Source: Tenor)

Oftentimes, a great number of people attend events for one main reason — to network. The great thing about networking is that it goes both ways, so organising events will also put your brand’s name out there. Events are always a shared experience, and they no doubt bring groups of people closer together. Remember, businesses thrive on their connections. Demonstrate your influence and use this as a chance to localise your business further.

4. Showcase your expertise

Enthusiasts will always be eager to hear what the leaders in the industry have to say. Today, huge amounts of information are exchanged every second, making it hard to stay on top of current trends and issues. Hosting an event will allow you to establish your business as a go-to educational resource and to engage with other experts in the field. Consumers would therefore gain confidence in your brand. You can even use this as an opportunity to wow your attendees with your hosting skills.

5. Retain customers

Organising events for loyal customers will present your brand as more than just a business endeavour. When you take note of your consumers’ milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries, it sends them the message that you care and value them as more than just a consumer. Holding events for your customers will also provide a rare opportunity for you to meet your customer’s extended network of friends and family — a win-win solution!

6. Fundraise and generate sales

image blog 10 event marketing 2.jpg

There is a great amount of ROIs to be tapped into in event marketing. Whether you are aiming for leads, sales, or brand awareness, event marketing is a highly effective channel. You can further generate revenue with extra steps like charging admission fees or having sponsorships. Additionally, having a direct connection to potential consumers or stakeholders will allow them to move into your sales funnel with more ease.

7. Boost content marketing

Milk your event for what it’s worth by generating content from it. You can go the live-streaming route — Instagram and Twitter are popular choices these days — or capture the significant moments to post on your blog and social media later. Furthermore, if you see your attendees posting about your event as well, give them a shout-out or hold a user-generated content contest and encourage them to use hashtags. This will fill your content calendar up with high-quality, original content for days.

8. Build brand awareness and recognition

A brand goes beyond more than the product or service that you offer. It takes into account the perceptions and impressions that people have of your company. Events are therefore one of the best ways to create an emotional connection with your audience. In fact, a study actually revealed that 93% of consumers believed live events had a larger influence on them than television ads.

9. Build brand loyalty and trust

gif nichijou Yuuko buddy
How loyal are your customers? (Source: Rebloggy)

It is extremely important for businesses to build trust with their consumers, particularly smaller companies and startups. Having events would allow you to present yourself as a more reputable company. At its core, events are also meant to be fun — so focus on enjoyment for the attendees! This experience is what will drive customer retention and loyalty. When your attendees are having a good time, they will be more likely to remember and associate positive feelings with your brand.

10. If you don’t, your competitor will

The truth about the industry is that it is very much cutthroat. If you slack on even the slightest opportunity, your competitor will pounce and use it to get a headstart on you. Once you start hosting events and gaining traction, it will be easier to repeat this process. Take your event off the calendar, and your competitor will grab your audience with their own events instead.

In order to host a great event, you need impeccable designs and backdrops to create a visual experience (they also make for great photos). Companies in Singapore like YouPrint and ElectricDreamz do up marvellous backdrops with their great printing services. However, if you’re looking for a stellar backdrop design for your event, you might want to take a look at hiring design companies. After all, you want your event to look amazing on social media (remember, you will be generating content from it).

Consider marketing agencies as they will be your best bet at picking the perfect design to spread your brand message and leave a strong impression in people’s minds. MIU offers an unlimited design package for its clients amongst others such as their SEO and PR packages. You can be sure to be satisfied with their services. With a professional graphic design, your event will be sure to stand out and catch your audience’s attention. Find out more about our design jobs on our website.

How Packaging Tells a Story For Your Brand

The Complete Breakdown of the Types of Digital Marketing

The importance of packaging

If you’re running a business, you can no doubt agree that packaging is a crucial element as it is the first impression your customers will have for your product. From the graphics to the colours used, each detail on your packaging will convey a specific message to potential customers. So: what story do you want your product to tell?

As a consumer yourself, I’m sure you can understand how effective good packaging design can be in attracting potential customers to buying your product. Just like how you feel drawn to a product with a beautiful design, your customers will too. “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” they say, but that’s not how it really works, does it?

Dying for the things we love | New Internationalist
Everything is vying for our attention. (Source: New Internationalist)

Advertisements and products on every shelf continuously bombard us. It may be hard to stand out amongst the numerous other products vying for attention. But with unique and strategic packaging, your product can still catch the eye of potential customers and speak for itself. As the packaging is the first thing your customers will come into contact with, it is crucial to capitalise on that opportunity to use a great design as a form of advertisement. Let’s demonstrate how influential an outstanding packaging can be for a product.

Packaging done right

Bee Cheng Hiang christmas paper bag
Orient Design’s idea for Bee Cheng Hiang’s carrier packaging. (Source: Orient Design)

Bee Cheng Hiang’s Christmas bag design was such an iconic one as it brought not only visuals but also incorporated the sound aspect to the bags. The Christmas bells were added to the bags as a pop up that moved when customers were carrying it around. Not only that, but the faint sound of tinkling bells could be heard. Indeed, this packaging by Orient Design didn’t just spark joy in customers but acted as a subtle yet smart way to advertise the product sold.

Even if you offer a service, you can still engage in packaging by sending corporate gifts. (Source: Paper Carpenter)

OCBC’s Christmas gift box is another example of how good packaging can be a fun way to advertise your brand. Although OCBC does not offer a product, but rather a service, they were smart enough to use corporate gifts as a way to promote their brand — and were even aware of how a good packaging can make a strong statement to their customers! This cardboard gift box may have been out of the ordinary, particularly with the material used, but that’s what made it stand out from the rest. Paper Carpenter knew how using cardboard would make their designs distinct, and capitalised on that to think of packaging designs that are out-of-the-box (pun intended).

Dester’s crisp and refreshing packaging – perfect for their brand. (Source: Creativeans)

Local beer brand Dester approached well-known design company Creativeans to come up with a clean and contemporary design to attract the young and affluent crowd. The juxtaposition of Dester’s classic blue and the material colour brings about just the right amount of visual contrast to leaving a striking impression. Indeed, the sleek design is bound to capture the attention of its intended audience, which allows Dester to stand out from its other competitors in the market.

Design is such an essential element in marketing that businesses cannot overlook it. Hence, it is necessary to find the right design company that understands your needs and can create beautiful packaging that suits not only your product but emphasises on your business’s voice as well.

Our unlimited packaging design allows our clients to adjust their packaging as much as they need, as we understand the importance of expressing their purpose. After all, the most important thing a company can do for their business is to brand themselves, with a story; a concept. This is where packaging plays a part in creating your business’s narrative. Check out our portfolio for a brief taste of what’s to come.

With our unlimited design package at MIU, we are committed to inventing and reinventing our designs until we find one that truly expresses your purpose and articulates your story to your customers. Under this package, you can request as many designs as you prefer — and we will always deliver. Furthermore, we operate on a flat cost, so you get as many unlimited designs as you want for the same rate every month. Sounds too good to be true? Click through and you will find out!

Illustrators in Singapore and their Impact on Visual Marketing

Illustrators in Singapore and their Impact on Visual Marketing

Our list of the top 7 illustrators in Singapore

Design has become an increasingly sought after field. Although there is still a small handful of designers in Singapore that have made their mark, we can be hopeful with the increasing number of locals gaining outstanding portfolios.

As a creative agency, we understand how important it is to have a great design — particularly when it comes to digital marketing. Answer this: how likely are you to remember an aesthetically visual ad compared to one that is just filled with text? This is where artists come in — they are the ones working round the clock to create illustrations that make lasting impressions in our minds. Here’s our list of illustrators in Singapore whose work has caught our eye.

1. Mrn.a

10 Questions with Marina A, The Artist Behind Some of Singapore's Coolest Album Artworks - City Nomads
Marina’s dreamlike designs, with her unique style flavouring this piece. (Source: CityNomads)

Inspired by astrophysics with a retro element, Marina A’s illustrations are distinct, to say the least. Her designs can be seen all around Singapore — in fact, she has worked with labels like Apple, Zouk, Esplanade and more. She has also helped design posters for local bands such as Disco Hue and Ffion. Indeed, her unique murals can be seen in art exhibitions all around the island.

2. Anngee Neo

Anngee - Girlsclub Asia
Neo’s illustrated commentary about pollution on earth today. (Source: Girlsclub Asia)

Anngee Neo has made a name for herself with the impressive amount of work that she’s done. Besides having her work commissioned on tote bags, plates and murals, she has also illustrated many children’s books, including one written by the late President S. R. Nathan, titled The Crane and The Crab. She has also won awards for several other books that she has illustrated.

3. Kristonautopilot

Kristal Melson — Illustrious World
Kristenautopilot’s vibrant piece with hints of Asian authenticity. (Source: Illustrious World)

Kristal Melson has a slew of well-known brands behind her name and work. Having collaborated with big brands like Uniqlo, Facebook, and even the Apple Store, this artist deserves to be given a second glance. Her works are experimental with still a tinge of local flavour added to it to truly make it distinct.

4. Esther Goh

Insights from the Inside Vol III — Esther Goh - Illustration & Art Direction
Goh’s quirky illustrations which leave memorable impressions on their audience. (Source: Esther Goh)

Known for her dreamy style with soft yet vibrant colours, Esther Goh’s artwork definitely turns heads. In fact, she has caught the eye of brands such as Maki-san, Tiger Street Lab, and even the Singapore Writers’ Festival, of which she has done collaterals for. So if you find her work familiar, don’t be surprised!

5. Mindflyer

Mindflyer - Uniqlo collection
Ng’s depiction of Singapore’s new normal in the current Covid-19 pandemic. (Source: AsiaOne)

Having been commissioned by luxury brand Coach, local artist Michael Ng is the only illustrator in Singapore that can say that he has produced a limited edition series for Coach. With bags, footwear, and tee shirts in the collection, his artwork is proudly hand-painted onto each of these limited edition pieces, where he came up with a feminine design of the Statue of Liberty. He has recently also worked with popular Japanese brand Uniqlo for an exclusive Singapore collaboration!

6. Speak Cryptic

Artist Speak Cryptic | Buro 24/7 Singapore
Fajari’s black-and-white style definitely lends some cryptic vibes to his art. (Source: Buro247)

Farizwan Fajari, who also goes by Speak Cryptic, is arguably one of the most prominent illustrators in Singapore. His works have been displayed in Singapore Art Museum, Gilman Barracks, The Substation, The Projector, and many other such creative places. Charming and alluring, these works are a subtle commentary on current affairs in Singapore as well as Fajari’s attempt at taking on the human condition. Indeed, he lives up to his cryptic moniker.

7. Oak & Bindi

2012—2017 - Oak & Bindi
Yang’s mural on Haji Lane with her signature handwritten fonts. (Source: Cargo Collective)

Lydia Yang, known artistically as Oak & Bindi, has gone beyond working with local brands. Instead, her works can be found in festivals all around the world — from Jakarta to New York, and of course, not to mention, in our sunny island Singapore as well. Lydia’s murals can be glimpsed in The Substation, Dover Street Market Singapore, and more.

If you’ve found any of these artworks familiar, it might go to show just how effective a memorable design can be. Visual aspects can hold a significant weight when it comes to making an impact on your audience — and that is what we at MIU strive to achieve. With our spectacular and immaculate designs, we hope to be able to convey powerful messages for brands and express their purpose. Our designs can be found under our work portfolio, where we curate unique designs for each of our clients and aim for excellence for all your digital marketing needs.