3 Digital Marketing Companies in Singapore that Stand Out

3 Digital Marketing Companies in Singapore that Stand Out

3 digital marketing companies in Singapore that stand out

Digital marketing has been on the rise in the past couple of years and has become a necessity for brands, particularly in Singapore. With Singapore having the highest digital penetration rate in Southeast Asia, it is easy to see why. As we enter this digital era, the way we consume and process information has changed along with the way we shop. It is therefore important for brands to adjust the way they market themselves, too. 

With so many digital marketing agencies out there, it can be hard to decide which one you should work with. For an agency to stand out amongst the millions out there, they have to be doing something right. Here are three digital marketing companies in Singapore that have proven their value.

Top 100 Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Moonshot Digital is a company that understands just how important digital marketing is to a business. As such, they have branded themselves not just as any marketing agency, but as one that caters to luxury brands. With a firm understanding of the target audience, Moonshot Digital has worked with brands like Givenchy, Kohler and Esquire to appeal to the affluent consumers in Asia.

Amber Creative | Digital Marketing Agency | Web & App Design Singapore

Amber Creative is a digital marketing company in Singapore that particularly specialises in web development and web design, as well as PPC advertising. Their website itself speaks for their expertise, but if you are still not convinced of the work they do, just look at their case studies where they have helped many clients in their digital marketing needs.

MIU - A Creative Agency for All Things Digital | express purpose …

MIU LLP may seem like any other digital marketing company at first glance, but their strengths lie in their many digital marketing packages that clients can choose from. With each package being catered specifically depending on the needs of their clients, MIU LLP promises a meticulous digital marketing plan for each of them. Not only that, but they believe in keeping the communication going even after the campaign has ended. After all, analysing the outcome is just as important as the process itself — this will help to refine the campaign for better results.

How to decide on which digital marketing company to work with

It may be all and well for us to tell you which digital marketing agency in Singapore is worth your time, but ultimately,  you know your business best. To find an agency that suits your needs, you have to determine what exactly you are looking for in one. After all,  it has become increasingly common for businesses to adopt different digital marketing strategies at the same time. Having one agency to handle them all makes the process much easier. Not only will they already know your likes and preferences, but they most likely already have a prior understanding of your customers.

For a digital marketing agency to perform to the best of their abilities, they need to have an understanding of the types of digital marketing that exists. This allows them to guide their clients along on their marketing strategies, no matter what area they are looking for help in.

However, being the top digital marketing agency is not as simple as that. To assist you in deciding what makes a digital marketing agency the best, we have compiled some traits that each agency needs to have.

Digital Literacy
You want an agency that knows what it’s doing. (Source: University of Miami)

Digital Expertise. Of course, this goes without saying. A digital marketing agency without digital expertise is just ironic. But how can we measure something as intangible as expertise? One way is by gauging how strong the agency’s online presence is. Does the agency have a great website that is consistently being updated? Do its social media platforms stay relevant to current news and topics? More importantly, look at the track record of the digital marketing agency in question. Have they been able to generate leads and sales for their clients in the digital space? This will give you all you need to know about the agency’s proficiency.

Data-driven. Regardless of the strategy that you or the agency might implement, it is extremely important to be able to measure the data generated. Analytics is everything in digital marketing, and you should focus on the return on investment (ROI) you get. You are running a business after all. Make sure the agency that you choose is upfront about their statistics.

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A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all. (Source: SpotOn)

Customer-driven. It is important for an agency to know what their client wants, but it is even more important for them to know what the customers of their clients want. Knowledge of customers will ultimately be what produces results – because if your customers are satisfied, you will be too.

Communication and transparency. We cannot stress this enough. Good interpersonal communication drives the team to work efficiently. Good intrapersonal communication allows the team to work effectively. The point is, if they are clear on what you want, it will translate onto their work. This is where transparency is also important – successful agencies will ultimately focus on the long-term growth and revenue of their clients, rather than misleading them with vague numbers and figures.

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Digital marketing is all about breaking through the clutter and capturing your audience’s attention. (Source: Vantage Circle)

Creativity. Just as you are unable to decide which agency to work with due to the millions of choices out there, an agency must be innovative in order to stand out. Rather than following trends, look for a digital marketing agency that sets the trends. When they can think out-of-the-box and push their limits, they will truly be able to ascend to the title of ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency’.

Still unsure of your choices?

Why not explore with us? Whether you are looking to launch your business into the online sphere or seeking to improve your online presence, digital marketing is a necessary step. You can start your digital marketing journey with our free consultation here – no commitments required. Let us enlighten you further and guide you on the best route to take for your company.