Ikea Is the Best Solution for Your Sleepless Nights

Ikea Is the Best Solution for Your Sleepless Nights

Ikea’s new ad has been generating buzz amidst the marketing community, and it’s not hard to see why.

With its simple design, clean colours and sleek typography, the posters manage to grab attention with its visuals, spinning a clever twist on other energy-boosting products we so often see.

Led by agency Mother London, Ikea’s campaign seeks to promote sleep as the best remedy for productivity to their consumers. And what better way to get a good night’s rest than Ikea’s products?

Unlike most fad products marketed for sleep, Ikea’s bedsheets and pillows actually benefit you. At least, that’s what the ad seems to suggest. The common running theme in these posters is of their products being a “natural” solution to sleepless nights. The word ‘SLEEP’, too, features prominently across all three posters, which positions Ikea as the best brand to look to for sleep. After all, everyone needs a bedsheet. Why not go for the best?

Clearly, Ikea has done its market research. Capitalising on their consumers’ behaviour of relying on fads to cover up their lack of sleep, Ikea stepped up with their latest ad, Tomorrow Starts Tonight, to remind consumers that ‘Hey, you’re looking the wrong way. We’ve got the best products you need for a good night’s rest.’ Night creams, supplements and energy drinks don’t stand a chance against the big Swedish brand.

Not only that, but sleep has been found to be one of the factors greatly affected by the pandemic. As many people are losing sleep over such a drastic change in our circumstances, Ikea steps in with their latest ad campaign at just the right time to remind consumers once again of their amazing products.

They even made a TV ad with their take of the fable of The Tortoise and the Hare!

We all know how the story ends – the hare gets lazy during the race, and stops to nap under a tree, all while the tortoise slowly but surely overtakes him. In this cheeky prequel by Ikea, we are shown the hare’s busy schedule the night before the race. This all accumulates to him falling asleep on the couch as soon as he gets home.

Meanwhile, the tortoise wakes up refreshed and rejuvenated in another bed – one ladled with Ikea’s products – and is ready to start the race bright and early. In one last parting shot, we see the hare waking up a tad too late for him to win the race.

The underlying implication in the ad is that a lack of sleep often ruins your day of productivity. Tomorrow Starts Tonight is no doubt an ingenious campaign marketed towards the larger demographic of all those who’s lost sleep before (and who hasn’t?).