Cheers to the Human Race, by Coca-cola

Coca cola

Last year, Coca-cola released an ad to celebrate International Workers’ Day. Coca-cola try to spread hope and positivity, and the message of the ad is clear and strong; we still can have faith in humanity.

Worked together with Dentsu Malaysia, Coca-cola reminds us that “optimism is more contagious than any contagion”. The ad was set strong with “Superheroes” by The Script as their background music, which brought tears of emotion for every audience who watch the ad video.

The ad itself spotlights how everything has changed during the pandemic period. Within the change, every barrier, and challenges that humans have during the pandemic, there is always some positivity that we can see.

At the end of the video, Coca-cola thank all workers worldwide for their dedication and hard work during a hard time. And along with the ad video on their website, Coca-cola also thank all workers who work on the frontline during the pandemic. “Saluting the Heroes of the Human Race” gives the story of workers featured in the brand’s ad.

After all, not all heroes wear a cape.

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