Amazon Japan Enlists Pikotaro to Ring in Prime Day 2020

Amazon Japan Enlists Pikotaro to Ring in Prime Day 2020

Just a year ago in October 2019, Amazon SG launched its first website for local customers.

This year, to usher in the Amazon Prime Day, the big conglomerate hired Pikotaro — the PPAP guy — to promote the event in Japan. If you’re familiar with the acronym at all, you’d know that it stands for Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen. It was a song that went viral in 2016 and became a well-known meme throughout the world.

For Amazon Prime Day 2020, the e-commerce giant recreated their own version of the song and had Pikotaro perform it. APPD, short for Amazon Prime Prime Day, was repackaged in the upbeat dance routine for advertising purposes. Watch the video to see for yourself how they cleverly twisted the lyrics to push for the event.

Pikotaro, with his exaggerated expressions and quirky movements, definitely leaves a strong impression on the viewers’ minds. Not to mention — after his viral stunt in 2016, Pikotaro’s face is certainly one to remember. With such a memorable figure heading Amazon Japan’s advertising efforts, the event was sure to pick up much traction. At the very least, it attracted thousands of interested viewers to click on the ad.

Amazon Prime Day, which occurred on October 13 and 14, started as a way to celebrate Amazon’s birthday. Initially a one-day sale, Amazon extended Prime Day to last for 48 hours in 2019 and has been doing so since.

In order to participate in the Prime Day shopping spree, there is a pre-requirement of being an Amazon Prime member. Not yet a Prime member? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial before having to fork out the monthly subscription fee. Get this — Singapore offers one of the cheapest Prime memberships in the world!

The main selling point of Prime Day was that it presents a lot more deals than Black Friday. While Amazon Singapore, unfortunately, does not have Pikotaro promoting for them, Singaporeans were still able to enjoy the great deals featured on Prime Day.

Although it only lasted 2 short days, there are still many deals ongoing on the website itself. So if you missed out on Prime Day, fret not — there are plenty of bargains still available for you to grab, including their Lightning Deals.

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