Clutch Recognizes MIU as a Top B2B Company in Singapore

Clutch Recognizes MIU Creative Agency as a Top B2B Company

Helping give businesses get a solution they need to grow is what we’re all about since our foundation in 2016. We do everything in our power to ensure that every project we work on is the best it can possibly be. Now our partners are paying us back as MIU Creative Agency has just been named as a Top B2B Company in Singapore for the year 2021.

Clutch Recognizes MIU Creative Agency as a Top B2B Company

Clutch is a review and rating platform that uses a unique verification process that helps them determine the authenticity of the information sent to them. They then publish this information as reviews on their website and serves as a proxy ranking system for the top-performing agencies in every industry from all over the world.

Clutch Recognizes MIU Creative Agency as a Top B2B Company

In order for us to be ranked highly enough to become a top company with Clutch, we needed to earn multiple high-quality reviews from our clients. The year 2021 has been extremely good to us in this respect because we have so far gotten eight positive reviews from our clients and it’s boosted us to where we are today. This is what our management team had to say about the news.

We have started from a home-based business to now a full-blown agency of over 30 employees. This would not be easily possible without high-quality review platforms like Clutch to help us reach out to masses of the good work we have done. Now we work with a diversity of clients from startups to Fortune 500 clients, from technology sectors to medical and health sectors and providing services from branding to building entire digital outreach ecosystem for clients” – Abizer I., Co-Founder of MIU Creative Agency.

Our team has come so far but we still have room to grow. We will be exploring new ventures and continue to build industry expertise for each of our services until we make it to the top. Need a solution to your web design problems? MIU is here to help you out. Talk to us today and we can begin discussing your projects as soon as possible.

Shopee SG introduces Phua Chu Kang as new brand ambassador

Shopee SG introduces Phua Chu Kang as new brand ambassador

This year, Shopee Singapore is going for a hyper-localised approach with their 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign. They have decided to prominently feature local icon Phua Chu Kang in their ad as their brand ambassador. Such a partnership hints at Shopee’s tremendous efforts to involve themselves in the local market.

Phua Chu Kang is a character from a local sitcom that features the life of an eccentric contractor in Singapore. Played by Gurmit Singh, he was greatly adored by the Singapore audience due to his comedic yet relatable persona.

Since the show aired, Phua Chu Kang has become a household name amongst many Singaporeans. His ability to engage Singaporeans of all ages aligns with Shopee’s vision of connecting with the locals. By choosing to have Phua Chu Kang as the face of their campaign, Shopee’s ad manages to significantly appeal to the local population. In addition, his over-the top personality and comedic nature make for a lighthearted and lively advertisement, which goes well with the whole vibe of the ad. They have even incorporated his classic catchphrase “Don’t play play” as part of the campaign!

“PCK has always been a celebrated local icon and at Shopee, it was particularly meaningful for us to appoint an ambassador that creates a sense of oneness amongst local communities,” said Shopee’s chief commercial officer Zhou Junjie.

This ad cleverly coincides with the recent release of “Best of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd” on Netflix, which helps to garner more attention and generate buzz around Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day event. Indeed, the marketing team at Shopee has not left anything up to chance. The use of an extremely catchy tune further serves to drive the impact of the ad as it leaves a lasting impression in the viewers’ minds.

Overall, having Phua Chu Kang as their brand ambassador this year was definitely a smart move on Shopee’s part. With Phua Chu Kang spearheading Shopee’s advertising efforts for their 9.9 Super Shopping Day, this big sale event is bound to kick off without a hitch.