Four social media trends for 2023

Four social media trends for 2022

Do you know who is in charge of your brand? We’ll give you three chances!

Your CEO? Nope!

Company stakeholders? Na-da!

The government? Niet!

People who are actually in charge of your brand are your customers. 

This is the ‘Age of the Customer’ in which they are really in charge. And here’s how. 

Your customers want:

– Personalized content

– Faster service

– Better experience

– And fast!

If you want your brand to survive (which you do, of course!), you have to listen to and cater to their demands.

In this article, we will show you some social media trends that will take 2022 by storm.

The more you are prepared for these, the more success you will have in fulfilling your customer’s demands. And the more success you have in that, the more you earn.

It’s simple math.

Well, let us begin.

Upcoming social media trends for 2022

Trend 1: TikTok is poised to take over social media

Move over Facebook, TikTok is here to stay. In fact, from 2022 onwards, this platform might just be known as the ‘king of social media.’ TikTok is dominating right now, but it will surpass all other social media platforms the next year, forcing its competitors to adapt.

TikTok is the go-to app for connecting current and new customers, and it has also broken download records for short-term videos. 

The platform’s highly personalized content recommendation mechanism shall connect with a qualified and engaged audience for content developers and companies. Right now, TikTok is gearing up to introduce an e-commerce system in the platform in addition to a monetization model. 

If you want to connect with prospective customers who are tech-savvy, TikTok is the place to go.

Trend analysis

Since its inception, the platform’s awareness has been growing. Conversations on this platform increased in numbers, spiking right during the 2020 pandemic. There has been a 61% rise in mentions from 2020 to 2021. This has not only brought more users to the platform but has also made it the first-ever apart from Facebook to reach 3 billion global downloads.

 Trend 2: Social ads shall develop, and cookies shall face a crunch×400.png

By 2023, Google will work towards removing cookie tracking. However, the future of social advertising remains to be defined. There is an immediate need to balance offering personalized services and adhering to consent and compliance for companies and brands. 

Undoubtedly, a future without cookies is a bright one for customers, advertisers, and publishers. However, it is not such good news for companies who have been making a profit so long off private data collections and sales. Companies now have to rethink their strategy.

Trend analysis

Advertising has come a long way over the years. With the continuing evolution of social media, brands can reach more prospective customers and increase engagement and awareness. 

Since last year, advertisers have been using social media platforms more intensively to reach out to customers. 

As the internet collects billions of data points on users, it proves to be a veritable gold mine for companies. Advertisers are now seeing how social ads are essential moving forward.

 Trend 3: Social selling shall make customer’s journeys easier

Social commerce used to mean placing ads and promotions. But now, social media platforms have begun to offer innovative selling solutions that make a customer’s buying journey easier. 

For instance, Instagram provides new shopping features that enable social media users to buy items without leaving their dedicated app. Over to 2022, companies and brands should reconsider their customer’s purchase paths. 

From now, the emphasis needs to be on offering a more accessible and more streamlined buying journey. Promotions can be done through various means. On Instagram, for instance, brands can use Stories, Reels, and posts.

Trend analysis

Social media platforms are beginning to offer innovative shopping features to e-commerce merchants, and platforms like Instagram have become one of the most popular social media for influencers. 

These influencers endorse their brands by strategic partnerships and promote their services and products by catering to a large follower base. Such influencer marketing strategies create significant opportunities for brands as well to align their offerings with the influencers for reaching their customers. 

70% of online marketers plan to spend more money on Instagram influencer marketing. 2022 might be your year to jump in as well for this marketing strategy!

Trend 4: Consumer needs will be shaped by post-pandemic content

The pandemic has forced marketers to adapt to the evolving content trends, which has challenged their existing customer relationships and brand development. While social media was undoubtedly used for promotion and advertising, its use for marketing had to be augmented during the pandemic. 

During the pandemic, half a billion more people are using social media worldwide, which is a 14% rise in social media use from pre-pandemic times!

Trend analysis

To remain visible, brands need to communicate in local and comprehensive terms. It is now more essential to target specific potential customers based on relevance. 

This means creating content based on generation, age group, gender, hobbies, etc. For all this, getting and using customer data is paramount for a customized experience. 

Customers love videos and live audio more than text. Brands have to keep in mind when devising their content strategies.

To sum up

These are just some of the many trends that shall come in 2022. Brands that adapt to these changes and innovations will undoubtedly rise to the top because these trends are dictated not by any global industrial movement or innovation but by customers worldwide. 

The need of the hour, in short, is to provide customized solutions.