3 Ways A Content Marketing Role Increases Your Sales

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Think of stories, and you might think of people crowding around a campfire listening to someone recounting a memory or a parent reading a book to a child as they listen intently, enchanted by tales of bravery, resilience, and morality. 

We all love stories. Stories are a powerful, time-tested tool for passing information through generations. We remember stories because of how they make us feel.

An excellent brand story strengthens the relationship between your brand and the target audience. It leaves a lasting impression. It is more than just a logo, jingle, title, or product!

It’s how people perceive your brand through products or services, customer service, marketing, and more.

Like building up a good reputation at work for being kind, responsible, hardworking, etc., – you get the idea!

Memorable brand stories help potential customers recognize the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the business that sets them apart from competitors in the battle of the brands. There is a reason why some people swear by Coca-Cola instead of Pepsi or associate IKEA with simple comfort (and meatballs) and Apple with minimalistic reliability (and Steve Jobs). 

Even your hawker center vendors brand themselves as friendly uncles or aunties who are always ready to serve tasty food with cheerful greetings. And it works because you’ll always return to buy more from them!

The daunting question is – How do you tell your brand story effectively?

Here you go, departmentalize your project. The content marketing role is critical. The content team and direction help to establish your brand story. A content marketing strategy shows your brand’s narrative to the audience. 

If you want to develop your brand’s digital presence, we’ve compiled this handy guide to help you use content marketing to improve your brand storytelling – case studies and quick tips included!


How Successful Content Marketing Drives Traffic

1. Creates Brand Voice

Content marketing campaigns give your brand a unique voice, making it a crucial part of storytelling.

 It sets the tone, personality, and vibes. It marks the audience’s first impression of your brand and its most prominent quality.

People will remember unique, distinct brand voices better because they stand out in a sea of brands offering the same products or services. Your unique brand voice should be easy to identify and recall. Like Phua Chu Kang singing “get your shot and steady pom pi pi” in that national COVID-19 vaccination television ad or the iconic jingle, ‘I’m Lovin’ It’  by McDonald’s! 


And how can you forget the monthly jingles created for Shopee and Lazada’s mega sales?



We promised case studies establishing a brand voice:
Here’s an interesting example: 


Cards Against Humanity

The landing page features digital versions of their iconic monochrome cards with cheeky questions and answers. You can click the animated cards to select fun options on the website. It’s like playing the real thing. 

cards against humanity landing page MIU creative agency

Cards Against Humanity tailored the website to its brand of trendy, quirky humor embodied in a recognizable and iconic card design that’s easy to understand. This idea is brilliant because the viewer experiences the gameplay on the website. It’s straightforward and unique, promoting the product with an experience instead of a traditional written explanation. 

No more TLDR; just play and see for yourself!


2. Establishes Expertise

Expert content is the bread and butter of inbound marketing – after all, potential customers will only buy from you if they know you are the expert!

A towkay must be confident in their knowledge of industry trends and issues. Showcasing your expertise as a thought leader in your industry is a confirm plus chop way to attract and retain a loyal audience and consumer base who turn to you for advice.

How do you tell everyone you’re The Expert? 

Create valuable, relevant, consistent, and evergreen content to build authority. 

What is evergreen content, anyway? Something to do with the greenery outside my window? 

Not really. It’s relevant, so viewers can always refer to it. Like an evergreen forest that thrives and blooms throughout the year!

Here’s another case study:

The trusted SEO glossary  by Search Engine Journal is an evergreen and accessible reference list. Content like this establishes you as an expert in your trade’s tricks, tools, and terminology!

Check out TheWokeSalaryMan and TheSimpleSum and digest complex information shared in bite-size comics and simple, relatable stories. 

Posting evergreen content ensures a steady stream of readers and consumers. Add light-hearted content about trends and fads into the mix for variety. Audiences who browse your blogs will know (in Twitter lingo) that you’ve got range. The versatility of creating sophisticated and silly content to entertain and inform readers. That’s an appealing quality we all want!

Excellent, evergreen content also addresses readers’ issues. 

Here are 3 tips for searching through user-generated content for ideas:

  1. Check social media posts that tag you 
  2. Join interest groups and forums like Reddit or HardwareZone 
  3. Read FAQ sites like Quora 

Are there gaps between customer demands and what’s currently offered in your industry? Do you notice areas that need to be improved? Write about these problems in your blog posts and provide helpful solutions to entice your target audience to return for more. 

Establishing expertise is also about building trust with your target audience. Don’t just tell them you are offering what’s best for them. Show your audience that you care by understanding their needs and giving them relevant, unbiased information to decide for themselves.

Finally, how do you get your content out there? 

  • Guest-post on other websites to gather backlinks
  • Promote original and valuable content on your site.

When people find your information helpful, they’ll be more than happy to share it with others!


3. Increases Brand Awareness


People go to Google to search for just about anything. It has turned into a verb and is firmly embedded in our everyday vocabulary. 

“I’ll just Google that.” 

Nearly everyone uses the Internet to look for information nowadays, and that’s a lot of potential site traffic for your brand page.

How do you shift some of that traffic and engagement towards your page?

How do you tell people you’re open for business?

How do you let them know you are offering a solution they want? 

If you have yet to guess the answer by now, it’s content marketing!

Content marketing efforts drive traffic and site engagement, increasing brand awareness, views, and, most importantly, conversions. It aims to enhance your brand’s digital visibility. 

How many people are visiting your page every month? 

Has your revenue increased with better marketing? 

These are parameters you should care about. 

Allow SEO to enter the chat.

Invest in SEO keyword research to discover frequently-searched phrases, questions, and topics. The right keywords optimize your content, allowing it to rank higher in search engines. This drives traffic and generates engagement on your site. 

Understanding SEO requires dedication and effort. Instead, engage an expert digital marketing agency to handle everything for you!


4 Content Tips To Increase Leads


No expert content piece (including ours) would be complete without offering its reader a useful solution. We’ve compiled content marketing tips for increasing sales and leads.  Bookmark this and return when you need fresh ideas to establish your expertise! 

4 content marketing ideas to drive sales:

1. Blogs

Write blogs that present new takes on existing opinions or provide solutions to address customer pain points. Blogs are long-form content pieces that provide valuable information to your audience, building trust and establishing your reputation. 

2. Infographics

Infographics are excellent for maintaining relevant and consistent content output. They’re fun and eye-catching, and you can even cross-upload them on all your social media platforms for maximum outreach.

3. E-Book or White Paper

The ultimate showcase of your expertise. a well-researched white paper or e-book provides your customers with credible and useful industry information they can use to make business decisions. You’ll be well on your way to establishing yourself as a thought leader within the industry.

4. Video

Videos are a staple content to include in your marketing. Get creative with ideas – film vlogs, reels, gifs, cool transition edits, or tutorials. The stage is yours, and the world is your oyster!


Begin Your Content Marketing Journey Today!


Time to get cracking!

Take inspiration from the case studies mentioned above and start creating content that’s uniquely yours.

But if you’re still racking your brains trying to come up with fresh content ideas, or don’t know how and where to start, share your content marketing plans with an expert to streamline content generation and the creation process. It will save you precious time and effort!

At MIU LLP, we work together with your business to develop successful content marketing campaigns that establish your brand’s unique identity. 

It’s not magic – It is a lot of experience, planning, expertise, and hard work! 

Let us help with the hard work while you focus on leading your brand to greater heights. 

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