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Project Background

Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) play a vital role in a Singaporean’s day to day life. With over 250,000 of them working here, 1 in 5 households have a FDW. They contribute 11 billion dollars to the Singapore economy. In this enormous industry, Matahari stands out. By providing some of the best service in the region, Matahari rises above its competition.   However, with the industry being rife with competition, it’s difficult to maintain one’s lead. We at MIU are in the same boat and thus could empathise with Matahari when they came to us with the objective of increasing their online presence in today’s digital world.


We begin our journey with our client by comprehensively understanding our client. Through a series of meetings and thorough research by our team, we were able to gain a clear picture of Matahari’s objectives, positioning and technical requirements. With this insight, our team was able to outline a plan and a set of deliverables.

  • Facebook Marketing Campaign to attract FDWs
  • Audience research and target profile creation
  • Website creation
  • Content marketing and creation


We began our work by dividing it into bite size portions. Through the web-based software Trello, we created workflow channels for each team. 

The secret behind marketing is to understand where the audience is. Our data analytics team began to work on a target profile. They processed data on demographics, psychographics as well as understanding Matahari’s current client base to build a profile. 

Content for the marketing campaign began to be created. The content included blogs, newsletters and 2D animations. The variety of content made by our content creation team boosted the campaigns “catchiness” enabling the campaign to strike a chord with a greater percentage of the targeted audience.

With this done, our marketing team began work on the Facebook Marketing Campaign. In order to maximise visibility, the campaign was spread across 3 countries, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Through this, we were able to market the content where it’s target audience was. 

Websites are critical in creating an online presence. They help establish credibility as well as enable the company to express itself in the digital world. In this case, using WordPress, we created a website that resonates with Matahari. Designs that depicted how FDWs are part of one’s family were used. Information about their services were integrated into the User Experience. Through WordPress, we were able to create a bespoke website that articulated the services provided by our client.

Throughout the process, Matahari was kept in the loop. This is a vital part of our journey because it ensures the work being done is consistent with Matahari’s objectives. 


Shortly after completion, results could be seen. Through the facebook marketing campaigns, traffic to Matahari’s website increased significantly. Matahari’s website had a user Interface which reflected their beliefs and showcased their service’s strengths. Information could be easily gleaned through a seamless user experience. Matahari are now able to showcase their premier services across the internet.

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