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Project Background

Born and raised in Singapore, MiChat (pronounced as my-chat) is a social messaging platform for people to keep in touch with family and friends and make new friends as simple as chatting. In 2018, MiChat was one of the most downloaded free messaging apps in Indonesia. The App is available in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. However, MiChat was faced with a series of challenges that needed immediate attention. MiChat’s brand image and perception was clouded with negativity due to irresponsible user misuse, which is very common among social messaging apps these days. In addition to that, the lack of native content and media outreach did not help to provide the public with better understanding of the true vision and mission of the app. Despite MiChat being a great platform to stay connected through its unique features, the lack of proper demo prevented the right usage and image. MiChat connected with MIU shared the challenges that they faced in maintaining a positive and vibrant image for their brand and requested our PR & communication services.


After having a good understanding of MiChat’s positioning, goal and objective, we began to craft out a strategy to increase positive online visibility for both English and Bahasa Indonesia in 3 phases. Phase 1: Building the Foundation Phase 2: Initiating Media Outreach Phase 3: Initiating Influencer Outreach
  • Website overhaul to improve MiChat’s brand identity communication and visibility online
  • SEO optimized website and content to improve positive search intent for MiChat online
  • Media outreach to grow positive mentions and discussions online for MiChat
  • Influencer outreach to grow positive mentions and discussions online for MiChat
MIU discussed its strategies with MiChat and set our expectations clearly. There was a good understanding of the strategies proposed and the energy to kick-off the project.

Available Resources

As a first step, we began to run performance checks and tests of how the website was doing. With the available resources, we gained detailed insights which would prove to be useful in creating our strategy.
  1. Google Webmaster
  2. SEO Performance Report


We approached this project providing 2 key areas of expertise, namely PR & SEO, and Digital Marketing & Social Media. By implementing PR & SEO, we aimed to restore the trust of public users and the media by creating native content related to the feature, benefit and positioning of MiChat. This was executed through press/influencer outreach, MiChat blog pitching and monitoring of news. In Digital Marketing & Social Media, we hoped to ensure positive MiChat coverage in the press with proper content and guidelines/info about the app. The deliverables for this included digital brand activation, influencer marketing, digital advertising & marketing, social media management, content management & series creation.


With a brand new website in place and professionally crafted content, MiChat had a completely different and positive vibe around itself. It began to establish a strong positioning as the negative noise around it was drowned using proper PR & communication. With all this, we were successful in creating a positive perception and image for MiChat.  

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