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Project Background

NaturesWisdom is a Singapore based online store offering a large variety of nutritional supplements, herbal remedy brands along with enjoyable natural and organic food. It represents & sells a host of international brands in this niche and only carries certified organic and/or natural food. NaturesWisdom were looking to improve their Google search rankings and increase their conversion rate. While NaturesWisdom has a great website with a range of really powerful products, its content was not optimized effectively to bring in lots of traffic. Having seen our excellent capabilities with e-commerce and SEO optimization, NaturesWisdom approached MIU for our expertise in this aspect to increase their traffic, conversions, and ultimately their revenue.


After productive discussions with NaturesWisdom, we gained a solid understanding of NaturesWisdom positioning and hence proposed solutions that would increase their website traffic significantly.
  • SEO optimized website and creative content curation to improve search ranking and website traffic for NaturesWisdom online
MIU discussed its strategies with NaturesWisdom and with good understanding, we kicked off the project together.

Available Resources

As a first step, we began to run performance checks and tests of how the website was doing. With the available resources, we gained detailed insights that would prove to be useful in creating our strategy.
  • Google Webmaster
  • SEO Performance Report


While engaging our SEO specialist and brainstorming over multiple meetings, we crafted out a comprehensive content strategy for NaturesWisdom. This content strategy entailed a detailed list of trendy topics associated with NaturesWisdom’s line of work, along with keywords that would attract crowds in huge numbers. Our creative content writers then came into action, writing blogs based on the content framework prepared meticulously. By the end of it, NaturesWisdom had at its disposal a series of professionally curated content that they could deploy and watch the number of customers visiting their website rise.


With the comprehensive content strategy and professionally crafted content, NaturesWisdom began to provide the public with meaningful content. From this, they witnessed their website traffic and conversion increase multifold.

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