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Project Background

Marketing a brand sometimes requires a human touch. Meeting potential clients and giving them an opportunity to understand the people behind the company is critical. The largest aquaculture company in West Malaysia approached us with this challenge. Fishance is a company that produces the freshest fish that are cultivated with the utmost care, and they wanted the world to know about it.


Fishance came to us for help in promoting their brand at the 2017 Fishex Convention in Guangzhou, China. This required us to fully understand the company in order to help promote it. Through countless meetings, our team was able to build a rapport with Fishance and came up with a set of deliverables.
  • Expo design
  • Catalog
  • Flyers 
  • Banners and E-Banners


Research is key in design creation. We not only had to fully understand our client but also their customer base. Our design team had to create content that spoke directly to Fishance’s targetted audience. It had to broadcast their message and their company as well as possible. Moreover, the designs had to be “catchy”. This is vital in order to stand out from the countless other companies all vying for attention at Fishex. 

Our design team stuck to their guns and did what they did best. After conducting in-depth research, our team brainstormed ways to inculcate it as creatively and uniquely as possible. After hours of meetings and constant discussions, our team began work. For the convention store, the colors blue and white were used extensively. This was in order to portray the waters of Langkawi, Malaysia where Fishance farms its fish. Details like that were sprinkled throughout the deliverables as our team continued to work on creating a tailored design package that included catalogs, flyers, banners, and E-banners.


With our carefully curated designs in place, Fishance were able to increase their brand awareness. During the Fishex convention, countless potential clients visited their store picking up the flyers we had designed. The increase in brand exposure and awareness helped in further bolstering their credibility as well as further inform their customer base.

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