pr and communication

We spearheaded and rolled-out an all-encompassing, countrywide marketing campaign for PT Waves, a telco based in the island republic of Palau.


We created an entire online ecosphere for VitaKids, a leading provider of organic supplements. We co-built the KinderNurture brand and designed the product line, bringing VitaKids to eminence with a comprehensive content marketing package.

We constructed a full-suite solution for MiChat, a top social messaging app born in Singapore. We revamped the webpage with an interactive edge, and rolled out SEO-driven PR & content campaigns to maximise outreach.


MIU is a Creative Digital Solutions Agency based in Singapore that helps driven brands express their purpose with a complete solution.

Have you met a moment you can never forget?

We help inspire businesses to create such moments through creative branding for their customers.

Building a legacy for centuries.

How many aliens does it take to create a website?

None. If you thought the digital landscape requires you to find aliens and rocket scientists, then you would be pleased to know that you can end your search here. We crack and deploy solutions with state-of-the-art technologies and partners that increases your productivity and results!

Why are LEGO yellow?

PR goes a long way to forge lasting relationships between people and brands. Just like how LEGO created that bond 40 years ago when they thought, “Hey, we will make yellow bricks to represent race neutrality”. And to this day, it has become the hallmark of all their campaigns. We help brands alike to connect their voice with their audience.

Building purpose and intimate relationships.

As Singapore Spring Certified consultants, we help businesses thrive in this digital age!

We can help you identify the best support you are eligible and entitled to receive. And empower you to connect with your audience effectively, pushing you to be at the forefront of your industry.

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