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Project Background

King Of Strength (KOS) is a one of a kind boxing gym in the North of Singapore. With very humble roots, it rose from the fierce passion of Kumar, a cancer survivor, who made it his goal to share his love for boxing. KOS aspires to expand awareness of boxing as a lifestyle activity and not just as a commercial sport. It wants to encourage the sport among men and women and overcome gender stereotypes. However, KOS was faced with a unique set of challenges. Its location at the edge of Yishun meant very few people knew of it. Boxing as a sport is also a new concept that is yet to catch on in a big way. While KOS had an existing website, it was not optimized to promote the fitness and lifestyle services that it provided. Although KOS was a boxing gym run by an experienced team of trainers armed with the latest equipment, KOS still lacked in revenue through customers. Kumar spoke to MIU and shared the challenges that he faced in increasing the enrolment at KOS and at the same time create awareness of KOS and its services.


After our initial meeting with Kumar, MIU came up with the following strategies to help KOS make its few steps to reaching its long term goal of being the leading boxing gym in Singapore.
  • New media marketing: Creative, social, and content marketing to target the right audience and to integrate ground and digital presence.
  • Web Development to project a trendy and fun persona
  • Photography / Videography to capture the exciting action at the gym
  • Publicity and Branding strategy to promote KOS to the young and old
MIU discussed its strategies with Kumar and he was delighted with the ideas. He understood clearly that there was a method to our strategies and that it would help him increase sales in the long run.

Available Resources

As a first step, we began to optimizing the marketing assets that were already available in KOS. With available resources, we had worked on new course ideas, gym operation and expansion, content, and social media marketing strategies.
  1. Facebook page
  2. Website
  3. Customer testimonials and feedbacks


Brainstorming over multiple meetings and tedious planning ensured that our strategic approach to content marketing meant result-driven solutions for KOS. MIU redesigned the website with engaging content and enticing visuals and videos. We also suggested the introduction of new tailored courses. By creating a seamless presence over multiple physical and digital platforms KOS was guaranteed multiple lead generation channels while at the same time building strong online communities. MIU further enticed interest among all genders and age groups with target marketing through the use of SEO and SEM. It also ensured continuity of results by mentoring and guiding the staff at KOS to continue these marketing initiatives by themselves.


Over a period of just 6 months, KOS experienced a significant increase in user engagement and reach. There was a strong interest generated among the masses from around Singapore. The introduction of trial courses, customized boxing sessions, and personal stories of trainers captivated a new audience towards the sport.  

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