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Project Background

Crystal clear water, pearly white sand, and exotic palm trees in the backdrop. A fantastical beauty located on a treasure island’s dream. The Maldives is one of the earth’s most alluring places and Makunudu is their crown jewel. An amuse-bouche of tropical paradise deserves a website that matches its beauty and we at MIU were determined to help Makunudu share their beauty with the rest of the world.


At MIU, our first step is always to build a rapport with our clients. With this, we are able to fully grasp their positioning, target demographics, objectives, and their technical requirements.
  • Build and design a website that is tailored for Makunudu with the use of PHP
  • Bespoke magazine article design and content creation in order to increase awareness


We at MIU believe that websites are the first step in creating an online presence. Through a well-crafted website, with an eye-catching User Interface (UI) and a seamless User Experience (UX), our clients are able to not only cultivate credibility but also are able to better portray themselves in the digital world.

Our team began to work tirelessly to create the perfect website. Meetings with our clients were conducted in order to ensure they were kept informed every step of the way whilst also garnering feedback from them on the work being done. Through this process, we were slowly able to build a website that was specially tailored for our client. Meanwhile, content for the magazine articles was churned out along with designs that best depicted the essence of Makunudu.


At the final stretch of our project, Makunudu had a website that illustrated its beauteous nature. A website that conveyed to its users that they are no doubt looking at one of the world’s most gorgeous places. Makunudu’s new eye-catching website not only enables users to fathom its beauty but also find out more about its experience and the journey to getting there. Similarly, the work done on creating content and design for their magazines catches its reader’s attention organically by depicting Makunudu as the place it is without exaggeration.

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