Epic SEO Package

epic seo

Today, more than ever, businesses need SEO to stay in the game.


As businesses adapt to the digital age, it has become paramount to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results.


With a meticulously constructed digital strategy, SEO presents a plethora of benefits which include generating high-quality leads, boosting brand image, increasing e-commerce conversions, and improving website traffic.


What can MIU do for you?


  1. Audit: Research & Reporting
  2. Website Optimisation: On-Page Optimisation
  3. Content Marketing: Off-Page Optimisation
  4. Account Management: Open Communication and Gain Approval
  5. Publish & Promote: Ongoing Support and Management
  6. Results: Higher Traffic & Conversions

The All-In-One Magento Ecommerce Package for Retails

Magento Solutions

Magento Website, Inventory Systems, POS, Accounting System, Business Intelligence.

Tired of having messy retail and ecommerce processes that add on to costs?

Need an omnichannel solution for your retail and ecommerce stores to achieve greater sales efficiency and productivity?

Looking to expand and point of sales (POS) and accounting system?

If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding “YES!”, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at MIU, we provide a scalable, integrable, & easy-to-customize Omnichannel solution on Magento, which offers the best ecommerce platforms and creative cloud solutions for your business.

Our solution not only covers both offline and online sales channels, but also manages your inventory, purchasing, order fulfillment, and many more. Delays in syncing sales orders between outlets & ecommerce, and incorrect product information in the outlet POS, can all be mitigated with our solution.

With an omnichannel solution at your disposal, you can manage your sales and gain insights through business intelligence, all through just one powerful platform.

What can MIU do for you?

Magento Website & POS
Inventory Systems & Management
Store Operation & Order Management
POS Reporting
Customer Loyalty Programme
Retail Assistant
Accounting System
Business Intelligence Dashboard