Upcoming graphic design trends for 2022

graphic design trends for 2022

A graphic designer is one who is involved in developing visual communications intended to transmit messages. Such messages can be meant to be disseminated in any media thinkable, from infographics, videos, and of course, standalone graphics.

It also involves creating web page layout, visual hierarchy online, and more. 

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What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the art of creating appealing visual content.

Besides applying page layout techniques and visual hierarchy, designers use typography and images to meet the user’s specific requirements. To optimize the UX (or User Experience) primarily, they focus on the logic of displaying elements in an interactive design. 

 Types of graphic design

 There are eight different types of graphic designing: 

 1. Visual Identity Graphic Design

2. Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

3. Web Design comes under a specific discipline of Graphic design

4. Package Design

5. Graphic Design for Publications 

6. Motion Graphic Design

7. Illustration Graphic Design

8. Environmental Design

There are a few critical takeaways for upcoming graphic design trends in 2022

Colourful Minimalism

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According to the conventional way of graphic design, minimalism includes a combination of black text with a white background, due to which images lack brightness and colourfulness. It is a warm palette mainly consisting of traditional black and white colours, but recently a number of new software have completely changed the concept of “Minimalistic design”. 

Today, graphic design has colour palettes primarily based on a neutral colour scheme. The central concept is that using a two-colour palette and pairing it with one accent colour is the perfect choice for a minimal graphic design. 

Already several MNCs, including global giants like Apple Inc., have implemented muted and neutral colour palettes in their marketing messages.

A range of colour palettes may exist, but that does not prove to be an obstacle for graphic designers. They successfully make a beautiful combination of sophisticated design with traditional minimalism

Colours and creativity proved to be an added advantage for many reputed brands in the market. This has led to the dismissing of several unnecessary elements and gave due consideration to visual effects. 

Attention to Inclusion

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Black Live Matter is a socio-political movement in the USA. It developed right after the death of a few black men and women in the hands of U.S. policemen. It is commonly believed that these are hate crimes fed by generations of racial hatred and prejudice based on skin colour. 

This movement still inspires people all over the globe, but particularly graphic designers. The historical gesture so touches the graphic designers or professionals that they still portray black people in inspiring works of art. The purpose of this movement within the ranks of graphic designers shall be to highlight various cultures, beliefs and prejudices.

 Geometric shapes

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More and more geometric shapes have shown up in this year’s artworks and graphic designs. Wherever you look, you’ll see designers use such shapes in their work while replacing abstract ones which were used to define graphics earlier.

You can combine them with any image and create a unique mix of unusual details. They became popular with many companies such as Rivet, Zendesk, and Venngage. 

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Apart from the images, you can use shapes to represent data points, display content, and even reflect your brand.

Even better, when combined with muted colours, these shapes create client-friendly text and stunning visual effects.

In recent years, it has been seen that more and more geometric shapes are applied in graphic design. Designers are replacing old abstract designs on graphics with geometrical shapes, combining them with any image. This results in the development of a unique mix of unusual details. These are becoming popular with several major industries such as Rivet, Zendesk and Venngage.

Some of the top upcoming graphic design trends for 2022

 Graphic design is an interesting topic because of the slow and gradual trends. A graphic designer may not be required to use the latest graphic designing trends and their regular work. However, picking up new ideas, inspirations and techniques are essential. These are some trends that are shaping the industry.  

Some of these latest trends adopted by professionals are as follows:-

 Inclusive Visuals

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Several projects related to graphic design such as website design, event posters and print collateral implement Inclusive Visuals. It comprises illustrations, icons, videos, images, sound and voices.

 Earlier it was enough to include a white male to represent the public by default in most images. Now, graphic designers are including people of all races, genders, ability levels and sizes. This development is to make projects more inclusive, and this is a part of a broader effort trickled into the graphic design space.

It’s nice to allow projects to reach a wider audience while providing a new set of design options. This graphic trend is visual and is also done to make one feel good about the company or project itself. 

 Background patterns are bolder

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It is time to forget traditional and limited styles and think of something more expansive, bolder, and inclusive. It involves making bold divisions between the background and the foreground of an image. This trend in graphic design is welcoming because it attracts the viewers’ attention.

 Text Layer Effects

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For a long time, the layered text effect has been a design technique for graphic design print. Recently, it is becoming a trend for website design projects as well.

By layering text effects, including its colour, motion, size, etc., the designer can turn typography into the dominant visual impact in the design.

 Faceless Imagery

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It is a big concern for the designers to decide whether to mask or not to mask the images and photos. If there is a demand for designing faceless imagery, it includes many silhouettes or images that project people from the background. 

 What is the purpose behind faceless imagery?

 It helps the designers to serve two purposes.

It assists them in working with images already placed with some brand in the market, i.e. not to be under any violation of legal acts related to copywriting.

Also, it saves them time and energy to retake the photos and adheres to health and societal norms.

 Oversizing the design elements

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It is another essential aspect of digital projects. Several oversized elements combined with scroll effects and animation helps the viewer to get a glimpse of the rest of the picture. 

In the case of oversized elements, there is the possibility of design elements overlapping. For instance, an image may overlap the text. The technique may not be highly recommended, but its popularity is increasing. 

This works only with simple typography where only a couple of words are understandable while the rest are covered. The result can be impressive and impactful.

 Experimental Typography

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Experimental typefaces are inclusive of anything different from the traditional model. It may include fonts with edgy and funky lines, experimental strokes, animation, 3D elements, colour, illustrations and styling elements. There are speciality fonts that come in all manner of styles and options. These are attractive and give each project a unique and personalized feeling. 

To sum up

In 2022, we may see some design trends which may not be in this topic. But you can be sure of one thing. The trends mentioned here, are here to stay. And these won’t be only for 2022, but for several subsequent years as well. If you are a graphic designer or work in an office where you have a graphic designing department, these are trends you have to know about to stay competitive.

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How to Up Your Graphic Design Game in 3 Easy Steps

How to Up Your Graphic Design Game in 3 Easy Steps

Graphics are one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention. Used in essentially all forms of marketing, it has been proven time and again to be a surefire way to boost your business.

Perhaps you clicked on this article curious about improving your graphic design skills. Well, we completely understand. To help you, we’ve compiled some steps you could take on your journey to become a better graphic designer.


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Plenty of schools in Singapore offer design courses that you could take to help you hone your design skills. There are various courses that focus on different areas of design, depending on what you’re looking for. Here are some of the best design courses in Singapore we recommend:

With plenty of design-related courses at their arsenal, including branding and animation, First Media Design School might be the institution you want to look at if you’re considering getting a diploma in media and graphic design. This course lasts a duration of 18 months (1½ years), so it may be more suited for students pursuing design as a serious career.

Maybe a full-time course might not be what you’re searching for. Or you might already have a diploma and am still looking for minor ways to refine your designing skills. At $540 a unit, Laselle offers more than 30 different design courses across a range of design disciplines. If you have a strong interest in graphic design, you may want to consider Laselle.

Feeling the hefty price tag on the previous two courses? There’s another alternative. Nanyang Polytechnic is providing a simple yet all-rounded design course under SkillsFuture. If you have some leftover SkillsFuture credits, now is the time to use it! At only $300, this is the perfect course for casual students dipping their toes into the world of design.


The 21 Best Graphic Design Companies in Singapore [2020]

In order to apply the skills you’ve picked up, it’s important to be able to look at the works of others and distinguish the good and the bad. With a vast amount of design companies in Singapore, there are definitely plenty of examples for one to study.

From web design to desktop computing and, of course, graphics design and branding, Hipster offers cost-effective digital solutions for your marketing needs. Their speciality lies in their augmented and virtual reality services. Just by entering their website do you see their portfolio of clean and aesthetic designs on display. Look through their case studies and you can see why Hipster is such a successful graphic design company.

Positioning themselves as a one-stop solution for creative advertising, branding and packaging label designs, Artnexus certainly strives to cover all aspects of graphic design — and come out on top as well. Under the creative umbrella, the company covers publication design, digital display advertisement, not to mention graphic designing. Take a look at their website to understand why their designs are so popular amongst marketers.

Having established themselves in the industry, Graphic Masters’s clientele consists of government agencies, public organisations and private corporations around the globe. These include the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, SAF Yacht Club, and many others. Their services range from publications, advertising and promotions, corporate branding, infographics, and even corporate gifts — to list a few! With a strong understanding of the current graphic design trends, Graphic Masters’s professionalism shines through.


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Besides upgrading your design skills and studying the portfolio of other designers, it is also important to be aware of the latest design trends. Some of the design trends that surfaced in 2020 and are likely to continue in 2021 include but are not limited to the following:

  • Muted Colour Palettes

Perhaps one reason why muted colours have been so in trend lately is because of their ability to evoke comfort and warm feelings. They also often feel natural and organic, which may why plenty of health and wellness companies are implementing the use of muted colour palettes in their design and marketing efforts.

  • Flat Icons and Illustrations

Flat icons have become somewhat of a popular trend, particularly when used as a social media graphic. With a simple icon, brands can communicate more by using less. Indeed, they are a powerful tool for communication. This trend is taking over companies by storm, including BMW, Volkswagen, and even Google, all of whom have adopted a flatter, more minimalistic logo for their brand.

  • Social Media Slide Decks

Slide decks are a great way to break up chunks of information. If you want to convey a lengthy message to your audience but are unsure how to keep their attention focused on you, try having various image slides rather than one single image. This habit has been employed by many brands on virtually almost all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Furthermore, the algorithm actually seems to favour posts with multiple slides rather than those with a single image!

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If you find these tips helpful, or have a friend in mind who is looking to hone their design skills, why not share this article with them?

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