Top Media Agencies in Singapore You’ve Never Heard of

Top Media Agencies in Singapore You’ve Never Heard of

With millions of media agencies out there, it can be difficult to find a market segment for potential customers. Having a defined marketing angle is but the key to thriving in the business of media planning and buying. While the basic responsibility of a media agency is to advise companies on how they can better advertise and present themselves to the public, there are plenty of ways one may do so. Here are some local media agencies that have carved out a niche for themselves based on their creative marketing.

5 best media agencies and their niche areas

Singsys Pte Ltd Profile, Reviews, Contact, Services | Singsys is a one stop source for all your custom website design, iPhone, iPad and Android and e-commerce application development.

1. Singsys – mobile app development

Many media agencies may boast of their web development services, but Singsys takes it a step further. Not only do they offer web design and web development services, but they also specialise in mobile web design and development as well. An increasing digital penetration rate means that there are plenty of internet users to market to. According to this study, 58% of site visits come from mobile devices. It is therefore important to put a focus on mobile development to attract the consumers there, and Singsys knows that. With expertise in iOS and Android app development, they are confident of providing a top-notch service that few other media agencies claim to have.

Hashmeta Pte Ltd

2. Hashmeta – gamification

Now that we all know that 58% of web visits stem from mobile devices alone, what better way to capture your audience’s attention than with online marketing? Hashmeta capitalises on their strong coding experience to up your digital marketing game… literally. With skills in gamification, Hashmeta creates more than an ad — they create an experience. From mini-games like spot the difference, catching games, and quizzes, audiences are hooked into the ad from the very start. To top it all off, Hashmeta ends their mini-games with vouchers that players can redeem. This allows them to generate leads and results in a win-win situation for both the consumer and the client!

Award Winning Digital Agency in Glasgow and London - Dog

3. Dog Digital – content management systems

Dog Digital places importance on its transparency with its clients. Right from the get-go, they do not shy away from revealing their digital marketing strategies. Content management systems such as Umbraco and Sitecore are a huge part of the tools they use — but these are not the secret to Dog’s success. The key ingredient is Dog Digital’s team of dedicated professionals that make sure consumers get the most personalised and seamless experience no matter where the content may be. Although Dog has a strong base in content marketing, they also offer other services (of which they also specialise in!) such as search engine optimisation, web and content architecture, as well as public relations and social media marketing.

Mother partners with The Secret Little Agency in Asia expansion | Campaign US

4. The Secret Little Agency – immersive ads

If you’ve ever seen a Secret Little Agency ad, you will understand why they are so good at their job. By combining various elements to create a powerful multimedia ad, they easily and successfully intrigue any viewers that chance upon their advertisements, no matter the product or service being promoted. Just take a look at their portfolio! Hopping on the Animal Crossing bandwagon — whose popularity skyrocketed due to quarantine — The Secret Little Agency uses this adorable game to promote Deliveroo’s services. Another ad that they did for Grab saw them handing out water bottles to passengers across the island. After such an incredible stunt, customers’ had positive reinforcements towards the brand, and Grab’s user engagement on their social media actually doubled. Talk about impressive!

Wavemaker - IAB Southeast Asia & India

5. Wavemaker – positive provocation

Another agency that comes up with extremely creative ads is Wavemaker. You’d be surprised that their advertisements are even considered as one — because of how ingenious it is. What Wavemaker does differently is that they always make sure to include a positive provocation in all their ads. They did just that for Netflix, challenging the brand to take over the local television channel as their positive provocation. In order to promote Netflix’s original show Stranger Things, they broadcasted 80s movies back to back with fake throwback commercials weaved between. Indeed, with a heavy focus on user experience, their advertising solutions know no bound.

We’ve joined the club

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MIU is another agency that goes beyond expectations by bringing you the best in their work. With plenty of media planning services offered, one thing MIU does right is having a client-focused digital marketing plan. As a creative agency, they’ve done their marketing research and know what’s up-and-coming in the industry. What they boast is their commitment to giving clients their 100%. Their unlimited design and epic SEO packages are created to serve their clients’ needs from start to finish — never stopping until results are seen. In fact, MIU strives to continue the communication between them and their clients even after the service has been rendered. After all, everyone wants long-lasting results — and that is what we’re here for.

3 Reasons Why Photography is So Important

3 Reasons Why Photography is So Important

Photography for Digital Marketing

When we talk about digital marketing, visualisation is an essential aspect that cannot be separated from the topic. Where traditional marketing prioritises verbal communication from the business owner, digital marketing builds on visualisation to attract consumers. With various techniques in brand visualisation, business owners should be as creative as possible to make their brand stand out amongst their competitors.

To understand why photography is so important in digital marketing in 2020, we have to look at what current circumstances entail. In this period of Covid-19, businesses are expanding online more urgently than ever. With the restriction that the government has implemented on going out and mingling in crowds in recent times, people are turning to online shopping more than ever.

So, it’s no argument that digital marketing has seen a huge surge in demand during this period. And while you can argue that text is vital even in the age of digital marketing, you cannot deny that images are just as important, if not more. To put things in clarity, we have laid out the reasons why photography is an essential aspect in digital marketing.

1. Photography is irreplaceable

Many business owners use graphic designs or animated illustrations nowadays when working on digital marketing for their brand. But we cannot replace how photography has already become an essential part of brand visualisation and digital marketing. Photography brings to the table a different perspective that cannot be carried across in graphic illustrations, animation, or videography.

Already, this conjures up an image in people’s minds on what one might be able to do when travelling in Australia (Source: Tourism Australia)

For example, if you run a travel agency, the best way to attract customers is by showing them images of travel destinations rather than merely describing the place. Certainly, this is way more effective than having graphic or animated illustrations in terms of digital marketing. Customers will have a clear image of their planned destination when you present a real-life travel destination right in front of their eyes.

2. Content with images get more engagement

Studies show that tweets with images tend to perform better in terms of engagement. (Source: adweek)

The use of photography on digital marketing itself still remains the main content strategy for online marketing. According to some studies, content with real-life images had a higher audience engagement. It was found that tweets which included images get 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets on Twitter than plain text tweets. The same thing was observed on Facebook.

For Facebook, posts that include images get 53% more likes and 104% more comments than those with just words. (Source: Mike Gingerich)

On the other side, pages with images or videos on blog posts on websites draw, on average, 94% more views than their text-only counterparts. (Business2Community) In conclusion, images can do a better job of telling stories, conveying emotion, selling products & services. After all, 93% of human communication is visual. (source)

3. We’re more likely to remember pictures

Visual Storytelling Examples your Brand needs Yesterday
What do you remember more, pictures or words? (Source: moosend)

Photography has been used numerous times in the past to attract audiences to look at the brand in question – and is still being used for the exact same reason today. The rapid growth of smartphones, digital photos, and the ability to instantly share images has put the use of photography at the forefront of online marketing strategies.

Many businesses still use photography as their main element in digital marketing. And this is for a reason – humans retain information better when it is presented with a visual. Also known as the picture superiority effect, this phenomenon was found to enable us to remember 65% of the information fed to us via an image, as opposed to a mere 10% with just text.

Perhaps it might be because real-life photos can evoke various emotions in one image. Even if that were not the case, the emotions brought about in photography can also be capitalised on to draw a large number of views to your digital marketing campaign. This process will therefore bring your audience perception of your products or services.

There is a phrase that goes: a picture is worth a thousand words, so selecting the right photography for your brand will bring a strong foundation for your brand visual campaign. We have come up with an unlimited design package precisely because we understand the importance of having visuals in digital marketing. With MIU, we are always ready to meet the needs of our clients in the age of digital marketing – visual or otherwise.