Top Media Agencies in Singapore You’ve Never Heard of

Top Media Agencies in Singapore You’ve Never Heard of

With millions of media agencies out there, it can be difficult to find a market segment for potential customers. Having a defined marketing angle is but the key to thriving in the business of media planning and buying. While the basic responsibility of a media agency is to advise companies on how they can better advertise and present themselves to the public, there are plenty of ways one may do so. Here are some local media agencies that have carved out a niche for themselves based on their creative marketing.

5 best media agencies and their niche areas

Singsys Pte Ltd Profile, Reviews, Contact, Services | Singsys is a one stop source for all your custom website design, iPhone, iPad and Android and e-commerce application development.

1. Singsys – mobile app development

Many media agencies may boast of their web development services, but Singsys takes it a step further. Not only do they offer web design and web development services, but they also specialise in mobile web design and development as well. An increasing digital penetration rate means that there are plenty of internet users to market to. According to this study, 58% of site visits come from mobile devices. It is therefore important to put a focus on mobile development to attract the consumers there, and Singsys knows that. With expertise in iOS and Android app development, they are confident of providing a top-notch service that few other media agencies claim to have.

Hashmeta Pte Ltd

2. Hashmeta – gamification

Now that we all know that 58% of web visits stem from mobile devices alone, what better way to capture your audience’s attention than with online marketing? Hashmeta capitalises on their strong coding experience to up your digital marketing game… literally. With skills in gamification, Hashmeta creates more than an ad — they create an experience. From mini-games like spot the difference, catching games, and quizzes, audiences are hooked into the ad from the very start. To top it all off, Hashmeta ends their mini-games with vouchers that players can redeem. This allows them to generate leads and results in a win-win situation for both the consumer and the client!

Award Winning Digital Agency in Glasgow and London - Dog

3. Dog Digital – content management systems

Dog Digital places importance on its transparency with its clients. Right from the get-go, they do not shy away from revealing their digital marketing strategies. Content management systems such as Umbraco and Sitecore are a huge part of the tools they use — but these are not the secret to Dog’s success. The key ingredient is Dog Digital’s team of dedicated professionals that make sure consumers get the most personalised and seamless experience no matter where the content may be. Although Dog has a strong base in content marketing, they also offer other services (of which they also specialise in!) such as search engine optimisation, web and content architecture, as well as public relations and social media marketing.

Mother partners with The Secret Little Agency in Asia expansion | Campaign US

4. The Secret Little Agency – immersive ads

If you’ve ever seen a Secret Little Agency ad, you will understand why they are so good at their job. By combining various elements to create a powerful multimedia ad, they easily and successfully intrigue any viewers that chance upon their advertisements, no matter the product or service being promoted. Just take a look at their portfolio! Hopping on the Animal Crossing bandwagon — whose popularity skyrocketed due to quarantine — The Secret Little Agency uses this adorable game to promote Deliveroo’s services. Another ad that they did for Grab saw them handing out water bottles to passengers across the island. After such an incredible stunt, customers’ had positive reinforcements towards the brand, and Grab’s user engagement on their social media actually doubled. Talk about impressive!

Wavemaker - IAB Southeast Asia & India

5. Wavemaker – positive provocation

Another agency that comes up with extremely creative ads is Wavemaker. You’d be surprised that their advertisements are even considered as one — because of how ingenious it is. What Wavemaker does differently is that they always make sure to include a positive provocation in all their ads. They did just that for Netflix, challenging the brand to take over the local television channel as their positive provocation. In order to promote Netflix’s original show Stranger Things, they broadcasted 80s movies back to back with fake throwback commercials weaved between. Indeed, with a heavy focus on user experience, their advertising solutions know no bound.

We’ve joined the club

Top media agencies in singapore blog image 2.jpg

MIU is another agency that goes beyond expectations by bringing you the best in their work. With plenty of media planning services offered, one thing MIU does right is having a client-focused digital marketing plan. As a creative agency, they’ve done their marketing research and know what’s up-and-coming in the industry. What they boast is their commitment to giving clients their 100%. Their unlimited design and epic SEO packages are created to serve their clients’ needs from start to finish — never stopping until results are seen. In fact, MIU strives to continue the communication between them and their clients even after the service has been rendered. After all, everyone wants long-lasting results — and that is what we’re here for.

The Ultimate Guide to Advertising in Singapore Part 2

The Ultimate Guide to Advertising in Singapore

Advertising vs. Marketing — What’s the difference?

In our previous article, we talked about the types of advertising that you can find in Singapore. These range from the traditional print to social media platforms which are increasing in popularity. We also touched briefly on the differences between advertising and marketing. However, in order to truly understand what goes into a good brand strategy, we first need to look at the nuanced differences between marketing and advertising.

Marketing vs Advertising: Which Will Make You More Money?
What are the nuanced differences between advertising and marketing? (Source: Lyfe Marketing)

So what defines marketing? Marketing is the systematic planning of bringing awareness to your brand, defining your brand identity, and overall the process of making your brand a household name to consumers. Alternatively, advertising is about putting the plan into action — to really make your business seen and heard, be it in a physical space or a digital one.

Think of it this way — advertising is concerned with telling consumers that this is the product or service that you have to offer. Marketing, on the other hand, is concerned with crafting the right message as to why consumers should opt for your brand, amongst the thousand other companies out there.

It is important to note that not all businesses require advertising solutions, but all businesses should strive to market themselves as efficiently as possible. 

blog image part 2 2.jpg

The best advertisements always involve equal parts market research and equal parts creative thinking. However, conducting extensive research on a market may stretch beyond the limits of what a company could do, due to reasons such as lack of resources or untrained staff.

This is where a marketing agency can come into play. With the right tools on hand, they can assist in developing a thorough plan by studying the market data. Having to devote the company’s resources to planning a marketing strategy might put a strain on other work processes and delay efficiency. It is therefore generally recommended for brands to seek out an advertising agency when planning an advertising campaign.

However, choosing the right agency for your company may not be as straightforward as it may seem. As one of the financially densest regions in the Asia Pacific, it is important to stand out with a strong brand identity. Not to fret — we compiled a list of the top advertising agencies in Singapore to help you in your decision.

Top 8 Advertising Agencies in Singapore

1. MIU

MIU - A Creative Agency for All Things Digital | express purpose …

Despite the few years that MIU has been in existence, they have been steadily growing at an increasing rate. Looking at the satisfied reviews from clients, MIU has indeed quickly built an impressive portfolio for themselves. This agency provides all-around services like branding, digital strategy, and PR while ensuring the best for their clients — and that includes their advertising and marketing solutions.

2. Notion Age

Notion Age SEO Agency Singapore - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

This particular advertising agency has worked with a huge range of businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. You can definitely trust them to handle all aspects of your marketing plan, be it the research or the execution. Having been around for almost two decades, Notion Age certainly knows the value of what it’s doing.

3. Digital Marketing Singapore


Also known as DMS, Digital Marketing Singapore has helped prominent clients like McDonald’s with their advertising campaigns. As a company driven by results, DMS puts in the effort to achieve the best possible outcome in every project that they take on. it is no wonder that they are among the top advertising agencies in Singapore with their unique marketing strategies.

4. MediaOne

MediaOne Business Group Becomes the Leading Digital Marketing Services Provider in Singapore

As an award-winning company, MediaOne prides itself for having a team of talented and experienced marketers that promise to deliver impressive results. From Fuji Xerox to Changi Airport Group, MediaOne’s marketing services are indisputable.

5. Edelman

Edelman (firm) - Wikipedia

With experts in various fields, Edelman’s focus on delivering new-age solutions to their corporate clients is part of what makes them stand out greatly. Having a positive reputation of representing their clients well, Edelman is sure to impress you with their expansive field of expertise.

6. Possible Advertising Agency


Possible Advertising Agency, or PAA for short, is a niche company that zeros in on their advertising solutions and innovative strategies. They are certainly an agency to look out for when it comes to settling on an advertising agency that best understands your needs.

7. MediaKeys

Global OOH company Mediakeys simplifies services under one brand umbrella

As a 100% independent communications group, it is impressive how far MediaKeys has come. Expanding from its 9 regional hubs to offices in over 45 countries, MediaKeys is definitely a company that always strives to perform to the best of their capabilities. Specialising in leading international advertising campaigns, this agency will definitely not disappoint.

8. UM Singapore

UM Singapore makes three digital hires | Digital | Campaign Asia

With a distinct motto like “Can Lah!”, UM Singapore definitely knows how to stand out. Their wittiness does not just stop at their mission statement, however — the integrated solutions they provide proves their commitment to being the best in their field. With such a can-do spirit, UM’s constant innovation leads them to discover the best outcomes for their clients.

Despite the accelerated growth of online marketing in Singapore, it still has yet to reach its fullest potential. However, advertising agencies have to take note of the everchanging legal landscape brought about by such a rapid growth of the industry. It may not be easy for businesses to stay on top of their game with the high pace of changes, which presents an increasing need for agencies to step in for assistance.

Creative agencies often offer a variety of services that can be summarised in three categories — marketing, design, and advertising. Marketing involves the consulting, research, and planning activities. Design is more concerned with the visual, UX and UI experiences, such as web design. Last but not least, advertising represents the promotional and PR services. With MIU, we offer all three to the best of our abilities so feel free to drop us a message for more details on our advertising solutions.

10 Ways Events Can Benefit Your Company

10 Ways Events Can Benefit Your Company

What event marketing is all about

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you might be tired of continuously hearing us stress how relevant digital marketing is for your company. But allow me to let you in on a secret — it is just as important for a company to hold business events too. Ever heard of event marketing?

As the world turns increasingly digital and internet penetration is soaring at an alarming rate, it may be easy to overlook event marketing. In-person events, however, are still greatly beneficial for companies for a huge multitude of reasons. While digital marketing may be at the forefront of all marketing strategies, it is not the end-all-be-all.

Based on the Event Marketing 2020: Benchmarks and Trends Report, 85% of business owners identify events as critical for their company’s success — double the number from last year! Millennials tend to prefer experiences over products, which is why event marketing has become as vital as email marketing. Certainly, there is a lot of potential to be tapped into here.

In general, events can be broken down into two categories — corporate and field — although there can be overlaps. Corporate events include company dinners, conferences, product launches, as well as ceremonies and galas. On the other hand, field events range from roadshows to expos to workshops. Since corporate events tend to attract industry professionals more while field events are helpful for locking in potential consumers, decide your target audience before planning your event.

10 reasons why you should hold events for your business in the age of digital marketing

image blog 10 event marketing.jpg

We can’t deny that online presence for a company is indispensable. However, in-person events hold just as much weight when it comes to generating leads and turnovers. If you’re still not entirely convinced on how events can be beneficial for your business, read on for our comprehensive list of reasons on why you should hold events even in this age of digital marketing.

1. Events are effective communication tools

The key thing that events allow you to do is to communicate. Be it on an internal or external level, face-to-face connections hold a great amount of value for all businesses alike. Whether you are launching internal information campaigns, advertising to potential customers and other companies in the sector, or strengthening ties amongst employees, these all go towards building interpersonal relationships between your brand and the rest of the world.

2. Access your core audience

Events are the most direct way to gain access to your main audience. It’s not enough to just get your message across — you need to get input from the other party as well. With physical events, you can take the time to get to know your consumers and understand their needs and desires. Bouncing feedback back and forth makes for an excellent dynamic to have and you will be able to learn far more than you otherwise would.

3. Networking

Networking is a large reason of why people attend events. (Source: Tenor)

Oftentimes, a great number of people attend events for one main reason — to network. The great thing about networking is that it goes both ways, so organising events will also put your brand’s name out there. Events are always a shared experience, and they no doubt bring groups of people closer together. Remember, businesses thrive on their connections. Demonstrate your influence and use this as a chance to localise your business further.

4. Showcase your expertise

Enthusiasts will always be eager to hear what the leaders in the industry have to say. Today, huge amounts of information are exchanged every second, making it hard to stay on top of current trends and issues. Hosting an event will allow you to establish your business as a go-to educational resource and to engage with other experts in the field. Consumers would therefore gain confidence in your brand. You can even use this as an opportunity to wow your attendees with your hosting skills.

5. Retain customers

Organising events for loyal customers will present your brand as more than just a business endeavour. When you take note of your consumers’ milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries, it sends them the message that you care and value them as more than just a consumer. Holding events for your customers will also provide a rare opportunity for you to meet your customer’s extended network of friends and family — a win-win solution!

6. Fundraise and generate sales

image blog 10 event marketing 2.jpg

There is a great amount of ROIs to be tapped into in event marketing. Whether you are aiming for leads, sales, or brand awareness, event marketing is a highly effective channel. You can further generate revenue with extra steps like charging admission fees or having sponsorships. Additionally, having a direct connection to potential consumers or stakeholders will allow them to move into your sales funnel with more ease.

7. Boost content marketing

Milk your event for what it’s worth by generating content from it. You can go the live-streaming route — Instagram and Twitter are popular choices these days — or capture the significant moments to post on your blog and social media later. Furthermore, if you see your attendees posting about your event as well, give them a shout-out or hold a user-generated content contest and encourage them to use hashtags. This will fill your content calendar up with high-quality, original content for days.

8. Build brand awareness and recognition

A brand goes beyond more than the product or service that you offer. It takes into account the perceptions and impressions that people have of your company. Events are therefore one of the best ways to create an emotional connection with your audience. In fact, a study actually revealed that 93% of consumers believed live events had a larger influence on them than television ads.

9. Build brand loyalty and trust

gif nichijou Yuuko buddy
How loyal are your customers? (Source: Rebloggy)

It is extremely important for businesses to build trust with their consumers, particularly smaller companies and startups. Having events would allow you to present yourself as a more reputable company. At its core, events are also meant to be fun — so focus on enjoyment for the attendees! This experience is what will drive customer retention and loyalty. When your attendees are having a good time, they will be more likely to remember and associate positive feelings with your brand.

10. If you don’t, your competitor will

The truth about the industry is that it is very much cutthroat. If you slack on even the slightest opportunity, your competitor will pounce and use it to get a headstart on you. Once you start hosting events and gaining traction, it will be easier to repeat this process. Take your event off the calendar, and your competitor will grab your audience with their own events instead.

In order to host a great event, you need impeccable designs and backdrops to create a visual experience (they also make for great photos). Companies in Singapore like YouPrint and ElectricDreamz do up marvellous backdrops with their great printing services. However, if you’re looking for a stellar backdrop design for your event, you might want to take a look at hiring design companies. After all, you want your event to look amazing on social media (remember, you will be generating content from it).

Consider marketing agencies as they will be your best bet at picking the perfect design to spread your brand message and leave a strong impression in people’s minds. MIU offers an unlimited design package for its clients amongst others such as their SEO and PR packages. You can be sure to be satisfied with their services. With a professional graphic design, your event will be sure to stand out and catch your audience’s attention. Find out more about our design jobs on our website.

Top 10 Creative Advertising Companies in Singapore

Top 10 Creative Advertising Companies in Singapore

With hundreds of creative marketing agencies out there, it’s not about finding one, but finding the right one. Marketing is so vital for businesses because it is ultimately what drives sales. Guess what — companies that blog get 55% more traffic and 57% of businesses get more customers through their company blog.

Still not convinced? Here’s some more numbers to munch on. 49% of users find a new product through Google, which is probably why 64% of marketers invest time and effort into developing their search engine optimisation (SEO) plan.

With the increasing digital consumption, it is more important than ever to work out a good digital marketing plan for success. To do that, you need a powerful creative agency behind you to generate leads and sales for your business. So what’s considered a great marketing agency? We present to you our list of the top 10 creative marketing agencies in Singapore.

1. Dentsu Aegis Network

We are Dentsu Aegis Network
Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network is a global marketing agency that understands how the digital economy has changed the way consumers shop. With constant innovation, Dentsu has worked with big brands including Disney Studios and Coca Cola, amongst others. Using the advancements in technology to their advantage, Dentsu has become a prime example of what a good creative marketing agency should strive to be.

2. Publicis Group

Publicis Singapore - IAB Southeast Asia & India
Publicis Groupe Singapore

Named after the French word for ‘advertising’, Publicis Group has since extended its reach to Asia where its influence can be felt in Singapore. With more than 330 offices in over 110 countries, Publicis definitely deserves its title of the world’s third largest communication group. Well-known agency Saatchi & Saatchi is in fact also part of the Publicis Group!

3. ActMedia Singapore

ActMedia Singapore Pte Ltd | LinkedIn
ActMedia Singapore

ActMedia Singapore won the Asia-Pacific Digital Marketing Awards 2018 for its work with Clinique SG. They are known for their online-to-offline (O2O) strategy, which was created to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour and retail marketing. With such a revolutionary branding and marketing strategy, ActMedia has solidified their positioning in the industry.

4. Clickr Media

Clickr Media Singapore
Clickr Media

Boasting a client retention rate of 80% and a client satisfaction rate of 96%, Clickr no doubt deserves the success it’s built over the past decade. From a mere startup to working with over 300 clients, which include over 2000 campaigns launched around the world, Clickr stresses the importance of intimately understanding their clients’ businesses and goals before discussing the right strategy to take on.

5. Visibiliti

Visibiliti Pte Ltd - Singapore
Visibiliti Pte Ltd

Sometimes the way an agency markets itself speaks about their business just as much as their portfolio does. With a distinct brand logo that captures the eyes of potential consumers, Visibiliti does just as its name suggests. By helping their clients to gain visibility, Visbiliti has gained a reputation for its marketing strategy that is equal parts creative and equal parts effective.

6. Havas Media

Havas - AM Marketing, Media, Advertising News in MENA
Havas Media

Their works can perhaps be glimpsed in various corners of the internet — and that is what speaks to their success as a creative marketing agency. Seen the KIA ad for their new car model? Or the Puma Holograms advert? Those are the works of Havas Media. Holding a firm belief in creating meaningful connections, Havas Media seeks to improve themselves with every project that they embark on.

7. Amber Creative

Digital Marketing Agency | Web & App Design Singapore
Amber Creative

Largely specialising in web development and design, Amber Creative has helped many companies with their services, targeting a young and savvy demographic with their contemporary and aesthetic design. Although having been around for only a few years, they boast an incredible portfolio and has had their clients praise their work.

8. J. Walter Thompson Singapore

Singapore Media Awards

With 150 years of brand building and marketing history under their belt, J Walter Thompson is not an agency to be overlooked. They aim to create magic everyday through the collision of technology and ideas, which is perhaps what makes them stand out so much amongst numerous other agencies fighting to have their voice heard.

9. Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing New Logo
Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing has been known to be the best of their line with their track record of bringing clients to the top of the results in the search engine. Getting an increase in traffic volume and lead generation is bound to be a guarantee when working with them. Did you know they also offer courses that can be absorbed by SkillsFuture credits?


 MIU Singapore

Despite being fairly new to the industry, MIU boasts a history of successful campaigns with their clients, who have all seen immense results in their traffic growth, SEO and outreach. With many packages to choose from, including our epic SEO package and unlimited packaging design, MIU offers a plethora of benefits that you would not be able to find in another agency. Thorough and meticulous, we believe in giving our clients the best — whatever that may entail. From digital strategy, to branding, to PR and communications, MIU has got your back. Ready to start your marketing journey? Click here for a free consultation and let our work convince you.

Shopee SG introduces Phua Chu Kang as new brand ambassador

Shopee SG introduces Phua Chu Kang as new brand ambassador

This year, Shopee Singapore is going for a hyper-localised approach with their 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign. They have decided to prominently feature local icon Phua Chu Kang in their ad as their brand ambassador. Such a partnership hints at Shopee’s tremendous efforts to involve themselves in the local market.

Phua Chu Kang is a character from a local sitcom that features the life of an eccentric contractor in Singapore. Played by Gurmit Singh, he was greatly adored by the Singapore audience due to his comedic yet relatable persona.

Since the show aired, Phua Chu Kang has become a household name amongst many Singaporeans. His ability to engage Singaporeans of all ages aligns with Shopee’s vision of connecting with the locals. By choosing to have Phua Chu Kang as the face of their campaign, Shopee’s ad manages to significantly appeal to the local population. In addition, his over-the top personality and comedic nature make for a lighthearted and lively advertisement, which goes well with the whole vibe of the ad. They have even incorporated his classic catchphrase “Don’t play play” as part of the campaign!

“PCK has always been a celebrated local icon and at Shopee, it was particularly meaningful for us to appoint an ambassador that creates a sense of oneness amongst local communities,” said Shopee’s chief commercial officer Zhou Junjie.

This ad cleverly coincides with the recent release of “Best of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd” on Netflix, which helps to garner more attention and generate buzz around Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day event. Indeed, the marketing team at Shopee has not left anything up to chance. The use of an extremely catchy tune further serves to drive the impact of the ad as it leaves a lasting impression in the viewers’ minds.

Overall, having Phua Chu Kang as their brand ambassador this year was definitely a smart move on Shopee’s part. With Phua Chu Kang spearheading Shopee’s advertising efforts for their 9.9 Super Shopping Day, this big sale event is bound to kick off without a hitch.

Illustrators in Singapore and their Impact on Visual Marketing

Illustrators in Singapore and their Impact on Visual Marketing

Our list of the top 7 illustrators in Singapore

Design has become an increasingly sought after field. Although there is still a small handful of designers in Singapore that have made their mark, we can be hopeful with the increasing number of locals gaining outstanding portfolios.

As a creative agency, we understand how important it is to have a great design — particularly when it comes to digital marketing. Answer this: how likely are you to remember an aesthetically visual ad compared to one that is just filled with text? This is where artists come in — they are the ones working round the clock to create illustrations that make lasting impressions in our minds. Here’s our list of illustrators in Singapore whose work has caught our eye.

1. Mrn.a

10 Questions with Marina A, The Artist Behind Some of Singapore's Coolest Album Artworks - City Nomads
Marina’s dreamlike designs, with her unique style flavouring this piece. (Source: CityNomads)

Inspired by astrophysics with a retro element, Marina A’s illustrations are distinct, to say the least. Her designs can be seen all around Singapore — in fact, she has worked with labels like Apple, Zouk, Esplanade and more. She has also helped design posters for local bands such as Disco Hue and Ffion. Indeed, her unique murals can be seen in art exhibitions all around the island.

2. Anngee Neo

Anngee - Girlsclub Asia
Neo’s illustrated commentary about pollution on earth today. (Source: Girlsclub Asia)

Anngee Neo has made a name for herself with the impressive amount of work that she’s done. Besides having her work commissioned on tote bags, plates and murals, she has also illustrated many children’s books, including one written by the late President S. R. Nathan, titled The Crane and The Crab. She has also won awards for several other books that she has illustrated.

3. Kristonautopilot

Kristal Melson — Illustrious World
Kristenautopilot’s vibrant piece with hints of Asian authenticity. (Source: Illustrious World)

Kristal Melson has a slew of well-known brands behind her name and work. Having collaborated with big brands like Uniqlo, Facebook, and even the Apple Store, this artist deserves to be given a second glance. Her works are experimental with still a tinge of local flavour added to it to truly make it distinct.

4. Esther Goh

Insights from the Inside Vol III — Esther Goh - Illustration & Art Direction
Goh’s quirky illustrations which leave memorable impressions on their audience. (Source: Esther Goh)

Known for her dreamy style with soft yet vibrant colours, Esther Goh’s artwork definitely turns heads. In fact, she has caught the eye of brands such as Maki-san, Tiger Street Lab, and even the Singapore Writers’ Festival, of which she has done collaterals for. So if you find her work familiar, don’t be surprised!

5. Mindflyer

Mindflyer - Uniqlo collection
Ng’s depiction of Singapore’s new normal in the current Covid-19 pandemic. (Source: AsiaOne)

Having been commissioned by luxury brand Coach, local artist Michael Ng is the only illustrator in Singapore that can say that he has produced a limited edition series for Coach. With bags, footwear, and tee shirts in the collection, his artwork is proudly hand-painted onto each of these limited edition pieces, where he came up with a feminine design of the Statue of Liberty. He has recently also worked with popular Japanese brand Uniqlo for an exclusive Singapore collaboration!

6. Speak Cryptic

Artist Speak Cryptic | Buro 24/7 Singapore
Fajari’s black-and-white style definitely lends some cryptic vibes to his art. (Source: Buro247)

Farizwan Fajari, who also goes by Speak Cryptic, is arguably one of the most prominent illustrators in Singapore. His works have been displayed in Singapore Art Museum, Gilman Barracks, The Substation, The Projector, and many other such creative places. Charming and alluring, these works are a subtle commentary on current affairs in Singapore as well as Fajari’s attempt at taking on the human condition. Indeed, he lives up to his cryptic moniker.

7. Oak & Bindi

2012—2017 - Oak & Bindi
Yang’s mural on Haji Lane with her signature handwritten fonts. (Source: Cargo Collective)

Lydia Yang, known artistically as Oak & Bindi, has gone beyond working with local brands. Instead, her works can be found in festivals all around the world — from Jakarta to New York, and of course, not to mention, in our sunny island Singapore as well. Lydia’s murals can be glimpsed in The Substation, Dover Street Market Singapore, and more.

If you’ve found any of these artworks familiar, it might go to show just how effective a memorable design can be. Visual aspects can hold a significant weight when it comes to making an impact on your audience — and that is what we at MIU strive to achieve. With our spectacular and immaculate designs, we hope to be able to convey powerful messages for brands and express their purpose. Our designs can be found under our work portfolio, where we curate unique designs for each of our clients and aim for excellence for all your digital marketing needs.

4 Simple Steps to Run an Effective Content Marketing Campaign

4 Simple Steps to Run an Effective Content Marketing Campaign

Does the perfect content marketing campaign exist?

There are different branches of marketing, all of which are various ways a business can promote themselves. From branding, to advertising, to content marketing, these methods are all valid ways for a business to reach their intended audience.

Different Types of Content for Content Marketing
What exactly is content marketing? (Source: Aspiration Marketing)

Content marketing is a simple way for brands to attract and retain their targeted audience by creating their own content to generate interest in their own brand. Though simple, this method of marketing can be powerful and effective as it allows the brand to create its own narrative. Content can come in all forms—blogs, infographics, videos, or more.

How exactly does content marketing help promote a brand? Well, you’re asking the right questions. When a brand creates its own content, they are indirectly building an audience – one that has vested interest in the product or service that the business is offering. What’s more, they can also use their content to educate the same audience about their own product or service.

This not only establishes confidence in the brand—because you will sound like you know what you’re talking about, thus proving your knowledge and expertise in the field—but also inspires loyalty amongst your audience.

This is where content marketing agencies come in. These agencies are able to produce and share content on your behalf, with your intended audience in mind and the goal to turn them into loyal customers. With their knowledge of digital marketing and more, they are able to readily and efficiently get their content to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Evolve Digitas - SIngapore Digital Strategy Agency - Agency Spotter
We would like to aspire to these agencies please! (Source: AgencySpotter)

There are many content agencies in Singapore, but what sets apart the top few from the rest are their content marketing plans and strategies. Top content agencies like MediaOne, Click2view, and Evolve Digitas are the cream of the crop due to their meticulous step-by-step planning.

So how do you run an effective content marketing campaign? Content marketing is one of the most important channels of digital marketing, and we at MIU understand that. With our expertise in marketing, we understand the importance of distributing the right content to captivate your target audience. Just like the aforementioned content agencies, we also have a clear plan in mind for when it comes to devising the perfect content marketing strategy for our clients.

1. Determine your goals

Science Says Only 8 Percent of People Actually Achieve Their Goals. Here Are 7 Things They Do Differently |
Aim for the sky! (Source: Inc.)

The first step to effective content marketing is having a concrete plan. What is your goal, and what are the steps you’ll take to achieve it? Who is your target audience? These questions will help you figure out what kind of content you should put out. 

2. Understand your target audience

It is important to create a buyer persona so that you can easily understand what kind of content your target audience might enjoy. That said, it is also important to research the other types of content that are already out there—how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors? This is the key to really making your brand stand out to your audience.

3. Decide what type of content to put out

Now that you know what your goals are, and who your target audience is, the next step is to decide what kind of content would best help you to achieve those goals. Would the information be better showcased via an infographic? A book? Would your target audience prefer consuming content through reading blog articles, or watching videos? These considerations would all go towards tweaking your content marketing strategy to improve its effectiveness.

4. Monitor your content marketing progress

9 Web Analytics Metrics You Need to Know
Keep close track of your analytics (Source: WebSolutions)

Besides considering what kind of content to put out, it is important to keep track of and analyse how the content is doing. Having a content management system in place will help you to do so, so you have an idea if you’re on the right track. That way, you can continuously refine and improve on the content that you’re putting out.

With that said, it may not always be easy to run a successful content marketing campaign. This is where you might want to consult an expert to help you plan out your strategy. From web development to search engine optimisation (SEO), MIU believes that a well thought-out content marketing strategy is the first step to boosting your brand. Want to further your brand with a content marketing campaign? Look no further.

3 Reasons Why Photography is So Important

3 Reasons Why Photography is So Important

Photography for Digital Marketing

When we talk about digital marketing, visualisation is an essential aspect that cannot be separated from the topic. Where traditional marketing prioritises verbal communication from the business owner, digital marketing builds on visualisation to attract consumers. With various techniques in brand visualisation, business owners should be as creative as possible to make their brand stand out amongst their competitors.

To understand why photography is so important in digital marketing in 2020, we have to look at what current circumstances entail. In this period of Covid-19, businesses are expanding online more urgently than ever. With the restriction that the government has implemented on going out and mingling in crowds in recent times, people are turning to online shopping more than ever.

So, it’s no argument that digital marketing has seen a huge surge in demand during this period. And while you can argue that text is vital even in the age of digital marketing, you cannot deny that images are just as important, if not more. To put things in clarity, we have laid out the reasons why photography is an essential aspect in digital marketing.

1. Photography is irreplaceable

Many business owners use graphic designs or animated illustrations nowadays when working on digital marketing for their brand. But we cannot replace how photography has already become an essential part of brand visualisation and digital marketing. Photography brings to the table a different perspective that cannot be carried across in graphic illustrations, animation, or videography.

Already, this conjures up an image in people’s minds on what one might be able to do when travelling in Australia (Source: Tourism Australia)

For example, if you run a travel agency, the best way to attract customers is by showing them images of travel destinations rather than merely describing the place. Certainly, this is way more effective than having graphic or animated illustrations in terms of digital marketing. Customers will have a clear image of their planned destination when you present a real-life travel destination right in front of their eyes.

2. Content with images get more engagement

Studies show that tweets with images tend to perform better in terms of engagement. (Source: adweek)

The use of photography on digital marketing itself still remains the main content strategy for online marketing. According to some studies, content with real-life images had a higher audience engagement. It was found that tweets which included images get 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets on Twitter than plain text tweets. The same thing was observed on Facebook.

For Facebook, posts that include images get 53% more likes and 104% more comments than those with just words. (Source: Mike Gingerich)

On the other side, pages with images or videos on blog posts on websites draw, on average, 94% more views than their text-only counterparts. (Business2Community) In conclusion, images can do a better job of telling stories, conveying emotion, selling products & services. After all, 93% of human communication is visual. (source)

3. We’re more likely to remember pictures

Visual Storytelling Examples your Brand needs Yesterday
What do you remember more, pictures or words? (Source: moosend)

Photography has been used numerous times in the past to attract audiences to look at the brand in question – and is still being used for the exact same reason today. The rapid growth of smartphones, digital photos, and the ability to instantly share images has put the use of photography at the forefront of online marketing strategies.

Many businesses still use photography as their main element in digital marketing. And this is for a reason – humans retain information better when it is presented with a visual. Also known as the picture superiority effect, this phenomenon was found to enable us to remember 65% of the information fed to us via an image, as opposed to a mere 10% with just text.

Perhaps it might be because real-life photos can evoke various emotions in one image. Even if that were not the case, the emotions brought about in photography can also be capitalised on to draw a large number of views to your digital marketing campaign. This process will therefore bring your audience perception of your products or services.

There is a phrase that goes: a picture is worth a thousand words, so selecting the right photography for your brand will bring a strong foundation for your brand visual campaign. We have come up with an unlimited design package precisely because we understand the importance of having visuals in digital marketing. With MIU, we are always ready to meet the needs of our clients in the age of digital marketing – visual or otherwise.